Monday, April 14, 2008

All things are possible

It was a busy monday for me.I would like to say sorry to all the tags sender, much as I want to do them today but I have no time, but of course I will still be doing them tonight, will bring them home as my assignment and if our internet connection at home is ok na i'll be posting them also tonight if not tommorrow na lang.It's a busy monday but a great one.. Finally, the new printer arrived today, much better and faster than my old one. It's been a week since that old printer gave up and I'm thankful I have this new one now. And one thing more, I got a new bag from my other boss, a pasalubong. he just came from the states kasi.

Lam nyo, I was greatly inspired by the message yesterday sa church service. And while we were singing “All things are possible” I was holding my tummy and crying, I was telling God na..oo nga Lord, nothing is impossible for you..that only you can open and close a women’s womb. Tapos after the service, I asked hubby if he got the same message and he said yes. I’m so sure God van give us a child in His own perfect time.

I am not losing fact I just gained more yesterday.

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  1. yes sis, in his perfect time :)
    we're planning to go to Obando this May, i'll include you in our prayers then (hope it's okay with you?)


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