Friday, April 11, 2008

Are you a shopaholic?

Do you like to shop? Do you do it as your hobby? Yes, I think you can if you’re super rich. I heard some celebrities do make it their past time. How I wish I could do it to but right now I am not in a very good condition so I seldom go shopping as a matter of fact I only go to grocery or to the mall when I really have to buy something that I need.

And I am always always on the look out for sale because I know I can save a lot from it. One good buy I got from shopping during sales season was my wedding shoes. It was originally price at more than a thousand peso but I got it for only 300 pesos, so you see I saved more than 700 hundred pesos. That’s why I love every kind of sales, week end sale, closing sale, inventory sale, clearance sale and many more.

And if you’re looking around for savings on shopping even when you’re sitting right there in front of your computer you can do so. cyber monday is the site to visit, here you can see a lot of discounted items and a lot of good deals. Like for instance, offers free shipping for $35 and above purchase. That’s nice.

Cyber Monday has a wide collection of stores and stuff to choose from. So if you don’t wanna end up cramming for your holiday shopping come December why not start doing it now? I had a hard time last year so I hope I won't do it again this year. I ended up giving gifts after bad, but of course it's better late than never. This time though I am gonna shop early and that means I have to save and save so I can start buying gifts before the holiday rush.

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