Friday, April 18, 2008

Am I responsible?

I have heard that having more than two credit cards can give you a headache. I should have listened. I should have declined those credit card offers. Now I admit I have headaches on how to get rid of those cards. I actually called up one of the credit card company and told them I want to cancel the card they issued but they want me to pay in full all the outstanding balance. That is why I am working hard, I am trying to save on anything and anyway I can so I can pay up. Although being debt free is still a dream come true to me I am hopeful and positive that I can achieve it.

I am looking into the option of acquiring a loan with much much lower interest than those of the credit cards. I realized now how big the 3.5 percent is, good thing I only have small credit limits. I have a good friend who has higher credit limit and is paying a lot of interest in top of it.

I wish our company would offer payday loans that have no interest at all or cash advance so I can make a full payment to my credit card. Or would anyone of you know such company? As long as the interest is lower than those of the credit cards I think it is okay. If only my problem is having enough funds from payday to payday, then that wouldn’t be so much of a headache. I know there are companies who offer online payday loans. Isn’t that great? When you run out of money and payday is still weeks away, you can just log on to their site and apply for a cash advance. I hope they are available here, but still acquiring such would still be the cause of your headache specially when you are not responsible.So I guess it all ends up on being responsible whether it is a loan or a credit card.

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  1. I have used cash advances in the past when I needed some last minute cash. It was a great help, especially since I needed the cash after bank hours. The fees was lower than I expected and I was very pleased with the service provided.


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