Friday, March 14, 2008

Digital Camera, Cash & Carry and American Idol

We’re supposed to see the movie BC 10000 last night at the Cash & Carry mall, yeah..I am one of those happy people na mall na ang Cash & Carry, super lapit sa amin ang galaan. We checked the time sched and last full show is 9:30 pa so we went to Anson’s muna, we look around sa mga available nila na digital cameras. I am particularly interested sa Canon A550, priced at Php12,500.00,they offered 0 installment plan and comes with free 1GB SD Card, rechargeable battery with charger plus the camera case. I think it’s a quite good na rin no? I browse the internet this morning and saw some good reviews about it.

But then, mas mura ang SONY DSC W55 na ito at maganda rin ang right now I’m still confuse..I wanted to have my own cam na talaga, we’ll be going to Ilocos this Sunday and I know I’ll be needing one, para hubby will take care of the videocam and me sa still pictures. :

We cancelled our movie plan, kasi I remembered elimation nga pala sa American Idol..haha! and I’m so hooked as in, kahit replay na lang napapanood ko.I don’t wanna miss it so we hurriedly went home na. Umabot pa naman ako and boy I’m so glad to see Ramielle still hanging in there and of course my favorite Jason Castro is still there..I just do hope magtagal pa sha. I love his eyes..super!


  1. hi rocks,
    thanks for dropping by.I am proud that Ramielle is still there in AI. I just hope that she choose songs that can really highlight the power of her voice.

  2. halu!ako din naaaddict na sa AI...=)...

  3. canon is good, tried and tested =)...


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