Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Well rested

It's been 4 days since Lester and Jerlyn's wedding, yesterday afternoon, Jerl asked me If I was able to get some rest na and I said yes, last Sunday afternoon natulog lang ako. But last night would be my ultimate rest I guess, sometimes our body can be so tired and we don't even notice it until it gives up on its own. Like what happened to me last night, me and hubby was just talking and then the next time I knew it was already morning..I fell asleep without even changing my office clothes! I was that tired..and I don't even intend to sleep that early. Hubby didn't wake me up na daw coz he knows it would be hard for me to get some sleep again if ever.

But then, I thank God for giving me that much needed rest..and though I know I won't be as busy now (at least for the nest few days) in the office I would still need that, Carmel and Andrew's wedding is merely 3 months to go and there are still lot's of things to do. :)
I chanced upon pheng's blog this morning and saw the Cebupac 888 seat sale..I was just wondering if I could book one for December..have to check mine and hubby's sched first. I've been longing to gift my self an out of the country trip..maybe this is the right time. :)

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