Friday, March 7, 2008

Weekend plans

I was inspired by a co-pinay blogger Jan to also post and be excited about our weekend.

Like her, I also look forward to it because we can be together the whole day, well except when there are special activities in the church that requires him to attend like this

Saturday – he’ll attend a DVBS training, our church will be having a DVBS this summer. He is actually asking me If I can come to but I still have to think it over tonight. It’s a whole day training.

And if by chance I decided to not attend the training, Carmel and I will be going to Ludy’s bridal shop in Divisoria maybe Saturday afternoon.

Saturday evening : 7pm Worship team practice, it’s been also our activity together as husband and wife. He leads the worship and I do back-up.

Sunday- we’ll be in the church from morning till noon, lunch together at home and nap in the afternoon.

At 4 PM, we will accompany Carmel and Andrew in Eloquente and I'm sure on our way home, we'll drop by at Mcdonalds to have my favorite cheeseburger!!!

I wonder where can I squeeze some cleaning and fixing in the room..sigh.

Sunday evening- we will visit mom and dad in Paco and watch the video of their wedding.

That’s it..happy weekend everyone!!!


  1. hi rocks,
    sure, we can be blog friends. are you in the blog roll? if not we can x-link. happy weekend,too.

    as you may know, most brides-to-be will be at the wedding expo this weekend. will be there too. :)

  2. i see you have quite a busy weekend. but yeah, if it's spent with the lifetime partner, it's a priceless! happy weekend dear!


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