Wednesday, March 26, 2008

thank you because...

I know we are blessed, I mean If I look around and open my eyes and see people in the street, I feel so blessed indeed..

But sometimes..there are just those moments when you feel so low and that you wanted to change’re environment, the place you live in..

Recently, I got so mad ( read: sobrang sama ng loob) to this special person in our life, my initial reaction was to pack our things and move out..but of course I had second thoughts and even third thought about it.

Yes, we are blessed..we don’t pay rent for the house or let me say our room, we don’t even pay for electricity and water bill, and I just want to grab that opportunity to save and spend our money wisely while we’re having all those blessings.

For I know someday, sooner or later..we will have to live on our own and leave our comfort zone.

No, we’re not living with either of our parents nor relatives.

We’re living in a mission’s house, provided by our church to full time workers like my husband.

And yes, there are ups and downs, there are raves and rants, there are advantages and disadvantages…but still at the end of the day I’m thankful.

I’m grateful that I am surrounded with people who cares, who love us, who needs us. People who have an entirely different upbringing, different family backgrounds and different characters, yet.. united in God’s love.

I just hope this LOVE will carry me through until we hear from the Lord what we have to do next.

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  1. hi rock, thanks for the visit.

    just look at the bright side of things everytime you feel down. :)



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