Monday, March 24, 2008

planning to have our own house

My newlywed friend Jerlyn flew back to the US yesterday, but they managed to visit some house and lots in Laguna some few weeks back because they are planning to have their own house soon. And so they encourage us to have a look and plan ahead too. It was exciting! We all daydreamed that all of us three couples will be neighbors someday.

Of course, having our own house has been one of my priorities since I got married and I know it’s not impossible. Nothing is impossible with God anyway. I asked her about the house and the community and of course the mortgage. I only hope I could avail of one that is affordable and good terms.

I knew nothing about home mortgage so I made used of all the available information on the internet about it. I found this site that has news story about it and I find it helpful. I’m still learning, still visiting some sites. I plan to visit HDMF (pagibig) office one of these days so I can personally inquire about the current mortgage here in our country although visiting their website is a big help too. I learned that I have to attend a seminar if I want to avail of the housing loan. I don’t know if they also offer Fixed Rate Mortgages here just like in other countries, I surely wish there is because I think that would be better.

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