Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Angel of Mine

I would like to thank jown for sharing her angel, and in return I would love to share this angel to nice bloggers who I think are angels in thier own way.

To : sis jen aspacio- I love the way you and your husband write about marriage life, you're both an angel.

To MEC - I'm a big fan, and you inspired me a lot.you're blog is so real,no pretensions. you write what you feel, you write what's in your mind..and I love it.

To MARI - sis, our own little angel is coming soon! let's keep on hoping and asking..thank you for praying with us and please rest assure that me and hubby also remember you in our prayers.


  1. sis super thank you for the angel :) very timely...

    ganda ng ilocos trip nyo... sana makapunta din kami... sama mo ako if ever balik kayo dun ha :p

  2. sure sis, sama kita..at magsama pa tayo ng ibang fellow bloggers..ang saya nun!!

  3. I love this tag! Sorry picking up got delayed. We appreciate you and we're praying that the Lord will give you your heart's desire. :-)


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