Friday, March 28, 2008

23 days to go

I’m counting the days to our 2nd year wedding anniversary.

Although I don’t expect something special, or any surprise from hubby on that day because I know we don’t have funds to celebrate after that Ilocos Trip, we decided we’ll have simple but still intimate celebration.

But planning a simple celebration is not easy too..I am really at lost what to do and what to plan.

Should we eat out na lang? or should we dine out and see a movie together..we haven’t done this for a long time now.

Or should we checked-in ourselves to a not so fancy hotel in town? Or go to nearby resorts and the way, I check some hotels and surprised to find out that some are really not that expensive naman pala especially if you book on line.

Tsk..tsk..if only money is not a big factor..I’ll book ourselves right away to Bohol or Boracay or Palawan and enjoy the day with hubby.most likely I’ll do this in secret to surprise him.

But just as I said before, I still know we are blessed..maybe not more of material things but still..we are blessed in so many ways.

I am blessed with a hubby that showered me with so much love. I am blessed to wake up every morning with his kisses and I’m blessed every night as I close my eyes with his assuring hugs.

And with or without something to do on our anniversary..It will still be special because It was after all remembering the very special day God has made us one.

And for me it’s the best gift ever.


  1. tama, basta kasama mo lang ang pinakaimportanteng tao sa buhay mo, special na yun. but i'm sure he'll find a way to surprise you. ayii!


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