Monday, March 31, 2008

What I did last weekend

Anybody wants to join in writing and completing a story? It’s fun! Visit bunso’s site and it’s there. I am actually entertained reading those few sentences added by the readers. It’s like he started a story and then asked fellow bloggers to write’s far from having it’s the end so you might want to go and add your few words.

We participated in the EARTH HOUR last Saturday night, it’s sad though because when we looked around in our neighborhood, seems it’s only us who participated. Sigh. And I sigh more when I think that not my entire church mate is into the idea of helping our mother earth. I got a chance of promoting it to our Friday meeting and some nodded their head and some I guess are just like “and so what? It’s bound to happen anyway”.

Last Sunday afternoon, we went to Binan, Laguna and attended a child dedication, hubby was chosen as Ninong (Godfather) and though it’s a bit far we obliged ourselves to go. It’s sad though because the parents of the child separated few months after the youngest was born, all 4 kids are in the care of the mom. The father left them for another girl daw. So it moved us to tears yesterday when she went into front to dedicate her only girl and her youngest to God. May the good Lord bless them and provide for them. And I pray for her to be strong and to hold on.

Friday and Saturday night- I watch ROME (series) and the Love comes softly (movie series) again, only this time am with our good friend Grace ..and you bet, I cried again. haha! We haven't finish it yet and we plan to continue it tonight. We were all exhausted last night so we skipped it.


Thanks joey and jen gor tagging me.

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Friday, March 28, 2008

23 days to go

I’m counting the days to our 2nd year wedding anniversary.

Although I don’t expect something special, or any surprise from hubby on that day because I know we don’t have funds to celebrate after that Ilocos Trip, we decided we’ll have simple but still intimate celebration.

But planning a simple celebration is not easy too..I am really at lost what to do and what to plan.

Should we eat out na lang? or should we dine out and see a movie together..we haven’t done this for a long time now.

Or should we checked-in ourselves to a not so fancy hotel in town? Or go to nearby resorts and the way, I check some hotels and surprised to find out that some are really not that expensive naman pala especially if you book on line.

Tsk..tsk..if only money is not a big factor..I’ll book ourselves right away to Bohol or Boracay or Palawan and enjoy the day with hubby.most likely I’ll do this in secret to surprise him.

But just as I said before, I still know we are blessed..maybe not more of material things but still..we are blessed in so many ways.

I am blessed with a hubby that showered me with so much love. I am blessed to wake up every morning with his kisses and I’m blessed every night as I close my eyes with his assuring hugs.

And with or without something to do on our anniversary..It will still be special because It was after all remembering the very special day God has made us one.

And for me it’s the best gift ever.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

I know I am not a good cook but...

Last Friday, while having our movie marathon, I took time to cook Tuna spaghetti for my nephews. I got the recipe in my kitchen calendar and since we’re not home that time I remembered all the ingredients and the cooking process only in my memory.

I am not a good cook, I have to admit that, but when I do it I make sure I do it with all my heart specially when I’m cooking the recipe for the first time. I have always been fascinated with the chefs and I watched several cooking reality shows, even local cooking TV shows I catch them up when I have time. I love the way they prepare something ordinary and make it look super special. Interesting.

I guess that’s the wonder of being a graduate from a culinary school or a chef school.

How I wish I am one of them but that of course I know would always remain a wish on my list. I heard culinary schools are quite expensive, but it’s all worth it I should say. Chef earned big bucks especially if you work for some five star hotel or top restaurant or maybe even more in luxury ships.

For now, I will enjoy whatever I can cook for my hubby and for my nephews & nieces. They loved that Tuna Spaghetti and I’m happy.

By the way, if you’re looking for some culinary schools. Check this site. They have broad list of cooking school. Who knows you’ll be one of the next top chef in the country.

Happy cooking!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

thank you because...

I know we are blessed, I mean If I look around and open my eyes and see people in the street, I feel so blessed indeed..

But sometimes..there are just those moments when you feel so low and that you wanted to change’re environment, the place you live in..

Recently, I got so mad ( read: sobrang sama ng loob) to this special person in our life, my initial reaction was to pack our things and move out..but of course I had second thoughts and even third thought about it.

Yes, we are blessed..we don’t pay rent for the house or let me say our room, we don’t even pay for electricity and water bill, and I just want to grab that opportunity to save and spend our money wisely while we’re having all those blessings.

For I know someday, sooner or later..we will have to live on our own and leave our comfort zone.

No, we’re not living with either of our parents nor relatives.

We’re living in a mission’s house, provided by our church to full time workers like my husband.

And yes, there are ups and downs, there are raves and rants, there are advantages and disadvantages…but still at the end of the day I’m thankful.

I’m grateful that I am surrounded with people who cares, who love us, who needs us. People who have an entirely different upbringing, different family backgrounds and different characters, yet.. united in God’s love.

I just hope this LOVE will carry me through until we hear from the Lord what we have to do next.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Angel of Mine

I would like to thank jown for sharing her angel, and in return I would love to share this angel to nice bloggers who I think are angels in thier own way.

To : sis jen aspacio- I love the way you and your husband write about marriage life, you're both an angel.

To MEC - I'm a big fan, and you inspired me a're blog is so real,no pretensions. you write what you feel, you write what's in your mind..and I love it.

To MARI - sis, our own little angel is coming soon! let's keep on hoping and asking..thank you for praying with us and please rest assure that me and hubby also remember you in our prayers.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Our Pagudpud-Laoag-Vigan Trip part 2

BANGUI WINDMILLS – located outside Pagudpud, 15 to 20 minutes drive from Pagudpud town. It’s simply breathtaking, there were few people taking pictures of the windmills also when we got there. There are 15 giant electric fans but two of them were off at that time. I just can’t believe that there really are windmills in our country. These windmills are being used to supply electric power to some part of Ilocos Norte together with the Aqua Grande Hydro Electric Plant.

CAPE BOJEADOR LIGHTHOUSE- old lighthouse indeed but still working, everything is old, the walls, the stairs..I was afraid to go up at first pero nahikayat din ako umakyat sa itaas. The view from up there is very stunning. I wish we stayed a bit longer para nakita naming sunset…sigh. Mang Celso-the caretaker told us so many ghost stories..hehe! pero di naman nakakatakot talaga,he’s very entertaining, no entrance fee but we left some voluntary donation na din.

And then we proceeded to Laoag na, we checked in muna sa Palazzo De Laoag- not so new hotel pero ok na din, there is a swimming pool na inenjoy namin that night kasi kami lang ang nag swimming. The staffs are friendly and courteous. Breakfast is included although 2 choices lang, tapa and longganisa. Ok na sha for their rate na less than 1,500 per night per room.

We visited next the PAOAY CHURCH which is less than 30 minute drive from Laoag. It’s almost 5 pm when we got there. Hubby was able to take a good picture of the century old church.

And then on our way home, we literally drove through VIGAN lang. We went to Heritage Village and bought some pasalubongs, unfortunately wala pang lutong empanada that time. We also dropped by at Syquia Mansion but it’s close pala on Tuesdays.

I would want to go to Vigan again and spend at least 2 days there, sayang kasi I want to visit all the museums eh..maybe next time.

It’s good that we rented a car, very comfortable because you can go anywhere you want and you can rest while on the road..and to think mas cheaper pa rin sha compared to bus fare.

Hope this would be of help to those who are planning to go to Ilocos.

planning to have our own house

My newlywed friend Jerlyn flew back to the US yesterday, but they managed to visit some house and lots in Laguna some few weeks back because they are planning to have their own house soon. And so they encourage us to have a look and plan ahead too. It was exciting! We all daydreamed that all of us three couples will be neighbors someday.

Of course, having our own house has been one of my priorities since I got married and I know it’s not impossible. Nothing is impossible with God anyway. I asked her about the house and the community and of course the mortgage. I only hope I could avail of one that is affordable and good terms.

I knew nothing about home mortgage so I made used of all the available information on the internet about it. I found this site that has news story about it and I find it helpful. I’m still learning, still visiting some sites. I plan to visit HDMF (pagibig) office one of these days so I can personally inquire about the current mortgage here in our country although visiting their website is a big help too. I learned that I have to attend a seminar if I want to avail of the housing loan. I don’t know if they also offer Fixed Rate Mortgages here just like in other countries, I surely wish there is because I think that would be better.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Our Pagudpud-Laoag-Vigan Trip

We left Manila at around 2:30 PM, Sunday,March 16, we rented a car sa Hannan Rent a car, Php 3,300 per day including driver. A red Toyota Innova.Ok naman for us, 6 lang kasi kami so maluwag sha talaga.

After several stops we arrived at Pagudpud around 1:00 AM, so bale 10 hours ang travel time, mabilis compared to what I’m expecting na 12-13 hours, kasi sabi ni Manong Driver,mas mabilis daw talaga pag night travel.

We opted to spend the night in a “homestay” na lang since aalis din amai the following morning. Our tour guide Mang Lenzer, was able to find a very affordable homestay for us, P250.00 per pax. No aircon but with kitchen and CR. And it’s also in Brgy.Saud where most of the resorts are located.Mabait ang may ari ng house na si Mang Nathaniel.

We woke up at 6:00 AM and walk our way to the beach,malapit lang sa house na tinuluyan namin. From there kita yung windmills..beautiful scenery!

At 9:00 AM, off we went to tour Pagudpud, our first stop ;

KABIGAN FALLS – may entrance fee na 10.00 each and 100 pesos for the feeling ko hindi naman masyado kailangan coz very easy lang and may kasama na kaming tour guide, but I think eto lang kasi hanapbuhay ok na rin. 30 minute trek but worth it naman, mga 80 feet daw ang taas ng falls na ito and sobrang lamig ng tubig.

PATAPAT VIADUCT – here, you can see the beauty of the South China Sea, according to Mang Lenzer, this is the road that connects Ilocos Norte to Cagayan.

AQUA GRANDE – there’s really nothing much to see here,pero ok na rin,supposedly may entrance na 15.00 each, pero free na kami kasi we don’t intend to stay naman ng matagal.picture taking lang talaga kami.

We ate lunch at the only restaurant na malapit sa area. Bingbong’s restaurant, medyo mainit yung place,madilim ng konti sa loob at walang tao..Ok na rin food nila, we were so full sa order namin, 7 kami and we only paid 505.00 mura na no? or mahina lang kami kumain..

After lunch we went to

BANTAY ABOT – meaning “bundok na butas” in tagalog. A lot of rock formation here and still the south chine sea ang makikita..after several pictures we went to ..........

BLUE LAGOON – and I was amazed!! This is the most beautiful beach I’ve ever seen, though haven’t been to Boracay,pero my friend who’s with us also na kagagaling lang from Boracay said it’s more beautiful daw. Mas blue ang color, fine din ang white sand..And the place is so silent,so serene, walang madaming tao kaya yata maganda pa. I’m gonna go back to this place and stay there for few days. Ang sarap mag isip, mag pray,mag worship at kung ano-ano pa. The only set back of course ay walang magandang hotel, no foodstore so dapat when you go there may dala ka ng food. May isa lang akong nakitang maliit na tindahan.

To be continued….


I'm back from our Ilocos Trip but I'm still writing my blog entry for that one and I am currently uploading the loads of pics, for the eman time, I would just like to note that I finaly gifted my self a new digicam!! yeppee! that's right..
I chose SONY DS W55 and used it agad sa Ilocos trip namin, so far it performed well, di kami naubusan ng battery and ng memory..although 1GB lang ang memory stick namin.
so guys, wait for the picture of our Ilocos trip which I enjoyed tremendously! sulit ang pagod..

Friday, March 14, 2008

Digital Camera, Cash & Carry and American Idol

We’re supposed to see the movie BC 10000 last night at the Cash & Carry mall, yeah..I am one of those happy people na mall na ang Cash & Carry, super lapit sa amin ang galaan. We checked the time sched and last full show is 9:30 pa so we went to Anson’s muna, we look around sa mga available nila na digital cameras. I am particularly interested sa Canon A550, priced at Php12,500.00,they offered 0 installment plan and comes with free 1GB SD Card, rechargeable battery with charger plus the camera case. I think it’s a quite good na rin no? I browse the internet this morning and saw some good reviews about it.

But then, mas mura ang SONY DSC W55 na ito at maganda rin ang right now I’m still confuse..I wanted to have my own cam na talaga, we’ll be going to Ilocos this Sunday and I know I’ll be needing one, para hubby will take care of the videocam and me sa still pictures. :

We cancelled our movie plan, kasi I remembered elimation nga pala sa American Idol..haha! and I’m so hooked as in, kahit replay na lang napapanood ko.I don’t wanna miss it so we hurriedly went home na. Umabot pa naman ako and boy I’m so glad to see Ramielle still hanging in there and of course my favorite Jason Castro is still there..I just do hope magtagal pa sha. I love his eyes..super!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

on photography

nope, I am not a photographer, i don't have any lesson on it, I don't even own a good digicam but I do love taking pictures, I am more of the behind the camera rather than being photographed..

I have taken some good shots and a lot of bad shots..some nice angle and lot's of not so good ones..

But people, I am happy that Lester and Jerlyn trusted me with thier pre-nuptial..of course this is not so big and not so formal but still...ako yung nagpipicture..hehe!

Location : Paco Park

For more of the pre-nuptial pics, click this.
I would love to hear comments from you guys..lalo na yung may mga alam talaga sa photography.

8 weird facts

8 Weird Facts
This is a tag from
happy It’s called “8 FACTS ABOUT MYSELF” .
Here it goes:
In 8 facts about yourself, you share 8 things that your readers don’t know about you. Then at the end you tag at least 8 other bloggers to keep the fun going.

Here are the rules:

RULES:* Each blogger must post these rules first.* Each blogger starts with eight random facts/habits about themselves.* Bloggers that are tagged need to write on their own blog about their eight things and post these rules.* At the end of your blog, you need to choose eight people to get tagged and list their names.* Don’t forget to leave them a comment telling them they’re tagged, and to read your blog.

8 weird facts about me, am not sure though if these are weird facts..oh well, at least I will try to think of 8 facts that readers doesn’t know about me.

1. I recently discovered that my favorite Mcdonald’s cheeseburger taste even better when stuffed with French fries.lovee it!!
2. I am a rice person. I find it hard to eat breakfast, lunch and dinner without rice J but this morning I only eat pansit..sad though
3. At present- I’m hooked to “Coffee Prince”
4. I love watching Tom and Jerry
5. I am the queen of procrastinations and I hate that of course..not reallt the queen naman siguro..maybe princess lang..hehe!
6. I am uberly sensitive and I don’t know why?
7. I can’t think of two more facts that readers might want to know about me..
8. So I’ll just hand over this tag to.....

jenn, mari, retchel and nadia.

sorry, can't complete the eight.

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Rocks' Through the Rain, God's Gift

Monday, March 10, 2008

6 days to go

..... and I am so excited for our Vigan trip.

Actually this trip was supposedly last December pa, but we went to Maria Aurora Province now we’re pushing through with the Vigan trip, now not only vigan but laoag as well, hopefully we can visit all there is in Ilocos na worth it talaga puntahan.
Jerlyn and Lester will be with us-thier first as couple. Maybe this will be Andrew and Carmel's last trip as engaged couple and am thankful they accomodated this kahit in the middle of the wedding plans sila..courtesy of Carmel siempre.. and first out of town trip naman namin ni hubby.

I have already made reservation in Palazzo de Laoag and already made a deposit for the car we are going to rent.

I’m not going home without seeing the Paoay Church. I’m all set to touch the brick walls of this old old church. I also want to see the tallest “lighthouse” in the country and hopefully the pagudpud beach and all those museums in much to see, too little time. Got all the info here.

But still, I know this trip will also be memorable just like our Sagada trip.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

My Disclosure policy

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This blog does contain content which might present a conflict of interest. This content may not always be identified.

Friday, March 7, 2008

know more about us

Thank you jan for sending this..In fairness kahit mahaba sha, nag enjoy ako sumagot.. :)

How long did you date? I do not know exactly how long..basta we’re friends for 2 years, bf/gf for 1 year then we tied the knot na.

How old is he? He’s turning 27 this year

Who eats more? Depends..when I’m in the mood I eat more, but on regular days, he does.

Who said “I love you” first? Oh no! I can’t remember...wait....I think it was him…

Who is taller? He’s taller, I’m 5’2 and he’s 5’6? Not sure though

Who sings better? Definitely it’s him. he has this passion in music, that’s why he’s the music ministry leader in our church.

Who is smarter? Modesty aside, I think me..hehe!

Whose temper is worse? Ah..that’s ME!!

Who does the laundry? We do it together when we’re both free, sometimes him lang..hehe! sometimes we ask help.

Who pays the bills? Both of us, but I contribute more kasi I’m the one who’s working in a secular world.

Who mows the lawn? Who mops the floor na lang kaya?

Who cooks dinner? If I still have the energy, I cook but most of the time we buy na lang.

Who drives when you are together? Him, we don’t have car yet but we do have motorbike.

Who is more stubborn? me!

Who kissed who first? that's me!nyahaha! he’s so shy eh.

Who is the first to admit when they are wrong? both

Whose parents do you see the most? Mine, but that is because we live near them lang..while his dad is in the province.

Who proposed? that's him!Who is more sensitive? Me,me,me!

Who has more friends? I do

Who has more siblings? Him, they’re a big family.

Who wears the pants in the family? figuratively? him. literaly? both of us! -same as jan’s answer.

I think most of the wifey here has this tag na..kanino ko kaya ipapasa? am passing this to Mari, and to all the girls out there, feel free to do it if you still haven't.

Enhancing Your Beauty

Would you go for cosmetic surgery to make your self amazing? Such as nose lifting, Liposuction, Breast Augmentation, Eyebag removal and so on and so forth?

I say if I have tons of extra money, why not? I probably will do liposuction..I want to get rid of these fats..haha! But of course this cosmetic surgery thing is now common to movie stars and celebrities alike. Some local stars admitted it out in the open and some still denies it.

Others said it is about enhancing natural beauty and not rejecting it. I have lots of girlfriends that doesn’t like it because of the thought that it means you are not satisfied to what God has given which I beg to disagree, I believe it is enhancing your beauty..but I guess I can only go for liposuction if ever. I don't wanna change how I eyes, my nose or even my lips.

For me, as long as it doesn’t compromise your health and you have the guts and the money, then go for it. But don’t you forget, overdoing it might give you some trouble someday so be cautious and think ten times before doing it.

Weekend plans

I was inspired by a co-pinay blogger Jan to also post and be excited about our weekend.

Like her, I also look forward to it because we can be together the whole day, well except when there are special activities in the church that requires him to attend like this

Saturday – he’ll attend a DVBS training, our church will be having a DVBS this summer. He is actually asking me If I can come to but I still have to think it over tonight. It’s a whole day training.

And if by chance I decided to not attend the training, Carmel and I will be going to Ludy’s bridal shop in Divisoria maybe Saturday afternoon.

Saturday evening : 7pm Worship team practice, it’s been also our activity together as husband and wife. He leads the worship and I do back-up.

Sunday- we’ll be in the church from morning till noon, lunch together at home and nap in the afternoon.

At 4 PM, we will accompany Carmel and Andrew in Eloquente and I'm sure on our way home, we'll drop by at Mcdonalds to have my favorite cheeseburger!!!

I wonder where can I squeeze some cleaning and fixing in the room..sigh.

Sunday evening- we will visit mom and dad in Paco and watch the video of their wedding.

That’s it..happy weekend everyone!!!

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Linky -love

I've been linky-love tagged by Anna . at sabi nga nya..pang pataas din ng PR ito!
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I am tagging jen, irmee, nadia, issa, lizz and luchi.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Got another card again (sigh)

I received a new credit card last Monday morning, and I have not activated it yet. I have 3 credit cards now and I don’t think having another one would help me erase my debts faster. One of my biggest goal this year is to pay at least half of my payables in my credit card. Half because I want a reasonable goal, I want a goal that I would be able to achieve.

I’ve been reading a lot about money and investments recently, there was even a thread about this in one of my yahoo groups. I guess everyone is interested in investing now a day. But I know, even before I can make investment my self. I still have to clear my self from my credit card loans, and have to stay away from other cards like the one I just got now..that means I have to cut and cancel that card.

It’s hard, I’m telling you. I’m tempted to activate it when I got it. I’m tempted to used again my card to book a Cebu Pacific seat sale. When you have a credit card, your expose to so many debt temptation and find yourself finding ways to pay those afterwards.

Right now, I will stick to my goal, pay off half of my credit card debts and save. Easier said than done, but I’m all set to achieve it,that is why I’m reading a lot about money matters, investments and savings. I am also browsing the net for some good tips and helps. There are lots of site that can be of big help to me, like this one. They don’t offer loans but instead offer you advice on debt solution and Debt Management which I think we all need and can be benificial to us. They even have a downloadable debtguide and though they are base in UK,I'm sure we can still get some financial tips here.


I'm currently finishing my review on Jerlyn and Lester's wedding..and then I got this picture in my e-mail so I paused and taught of posting it here muna. This was taken during Jerl's bridal shower. We really had fun that night!

I hope she forgives me for posting least Sarah have chosen the most decent picture she sent. :)

Well rested

It's been 4 days since Lester and Jerlyn's wedding, yesterday afternoon, Jerl asked me If I was able to get some rest na and I said yes, last Sunday afternoon natulog lang ako. But last night would be my ultimate rest I guess, sometimes our body can be so tired and we don't even notice it until it gives up on its own. Like what happened to me last night, me and hubby was just talking and then the next time I knew it was already morning..I fell asleep without even changing my office clothes! I was that tired..and I don't even intend to sleep that early. Hubby didn't wake me up na daw coz he knows it would be hard for me to get some sleep again if ever.

But then, I thank God for giving me that much needed rest..and though I know I won't be as busy now (at least for the nest few days) in the office I would still need that, Carmel and Andrew's wedding is merely 3 months to go and there are still lot's of things to do. :)
I chanced upon pheng's blog this morning and saw the Cebupac 888 seat sale..I was just wondering if I could book one for December..have to check mine and hubby's sched first. I've been longing to gift my self an out of the country trip..maybe this is the right time. :)

Monday, March 3, 2008

HUGS!! - The place for profile layouts, flash generators, glitter graphics, backgrounds and codes

Two special girls in my blogroll hugged me and I'm so thankful! thanks mari anad joey.
In return, I'm sending this cyberhug to all the n@wies in my blogroll specially those TTC's like me..and of course hugging you back mari. :) hope we will be bless with a cute baby soon!