Thursday, February 28, 2008

Tired and blogging

It’s 4:15 PM

I still have 2 hours and 15 minutes to go.

But I am already dead tired…so blog muna ko.

It’s such a tiring day for me, in times like this parang gusto ko gawing 2 ang sarili ko so I can do all what is being asked of me na ok and di ako masyado pagod.

A while ago..dalawa boss sabay pa silang tumatawag..hala! and mind you..tag isa sila ng room..di ko alam sino uunahin ko..

Dami pang phone calls, incoming at outgoing, daming arrangement na dapat i-settle, bili ng dollar, booking at kung ano-ano pa. Sorry if I sound complaining eh ito naman talaga buhay ko..

It’s just that sometimes you get tired talaga…

Plus the fact that I’m acting as my friend’s wedding coordinator na sa Saturday na ang kasal. I still have to print misalette and wala pa syang guestsheets..o di ba super cramming kami?

I am just tired but I’m happy and I feel so blessed.

Gotta go!!..I still have e-mails to send pala…

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