Thursday, February 7, 2008

on alarm clocks and waking up

Just a quick note before I go home..yes I do blogging at the office..and yes you can conclude that I am a bad employee.

I wish we have dsl connection at home so I can update there but up to this time, I guess the application still pending. We have terminated the Smart bro connection months ago for oh so many reasons…

Time check : 4:55

That means I still have at least an hour and a half here.

Today, I came in late..oh no..I really am a bad employee..haha! that’s why I was never a model employee even once.. I am late because I woke up late. I was actually shocked when I opened my eyes at 8:45 on our clock.

Kasi naman, I slept late again, around 1 AM na yata, spend time chatting with Lester and hubby while finishing the yema.. but the real reason I wasn’t able to wake up in time is the alarm clock..I am the kind of person who depends in alarm clock for me to wake up.

For the past two mornings now, hubby is setting the alarm at 4:00 AM, he said he wants to pray and do quiet time, so whenever that alarm clock rings, I wake up too and wake up hubby..but you can guess what happens next..he doesn’t wake up, he will only turn the alarm off…resulting to me waking up late for office because the alarm was not set into 7:00 AM, my regular waking up time.

Hehe! Tonight I know he’ll not do it again..I gave him a serious warning this morning..:) he knows he has to set the alarm again at 7:00

Time check : 5:05

I still have plenty of time, I’ll go back to work now.

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