Wednesday, February 6, 2008

My best gift ever

It’s 2 more days before my birthday..
And I know I have already received the best gift way back April 2005..and it is still the best gift I have now..that is where the title of this blog came from “Regalo ng Diyos (God’s gift)”

My husband is the best gift I got and he’ll always be.

It is a wonderful feeling knowing I am number one in his life..second from the Lord of course.

It is a blessing to wake up every morning with his kisses and hugs..
It is a blessing to have him praying for us regularly.
It is a blessing seeing Him so dependent on the Lord in every aspect of our married life.
It is a blessing hearing him singing songs for the Lord, composing song from his heart and making melodies from his heart.
It is a blessing to have his hands hold mine when I worry.
It is a blessing to have him assure me that everything’s gonna be fine when we’re facing trials.
It is a blessing knowing that his love for me won’t change with or without our own kids in the future.

And for all those blessings..Thank you Lord..indeed you love me so much and that you only want the best for me..

You have given me the best husband. :)


  1. happy birthday..God bless you more :)

  2. nakakaiyak naman. senti pa naman ako this days.

    you are heaven-sent to each other's lives. :)


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