Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Music Ministry Retreat and a Bridal Shower

Good morning!

It was really a good morning for me..though I slept late last night and woke up earlier than my usual wake up time, it was still a good morning for me.

And I have two stories to blog today, I had one busy long weekend but it was good. One about the music ministry retreat/teambuilding (WORSHIP BABAD) last Sunday and Monday, and the surprise bridal shower for my very good friend Jerlyn just last night.

I was thinking of posting it with pictures but I don’t have copies of the pictures yet, still waiting for my copies.

But am too excited to blog so I’ll write anyway…


I believe this has been long overdue and finally last Sunday we were able to push through with the worship prayer retreat cum teambuilding. We also called it Worship Babad because we want to spend time intimately with the Lord.

We went to Kawit, Cavite and had an overnight worship in one of our local Pastor’s house. We just worshipped there and sing song to the Lord,cried and prayed and listen to the Lord specially for His plans with regards to the music ministry. We wrapped up at around 2:30 AM, after a lot of sharings from each one of us. It was even made special because a long time back up singer joined us and gave her testimony and we were all touch by what she shared.

The morning after, mga 8 Am, we’re already off to the nearest resort, I think it’s San Miguel Resort, nothing fancy about it anyway we just needed one cool place to relax and have some fun, and so much fun we had indeed. We didn’t know that hubby and neil (the keyboardist) prepared some teambuilding games for us and we all enjoyed it! The “passing through” obstacle is quite hard but we made it and the reflection upon the team was very inspiring and encouraging, hopefully we will now be more driven in the ministry that God has entrusted us.

We went home at around 2:30 PM, re-charged, motivated and happy.

I guess I’ll do the Bridal shower entry later na lang today…I’ll be back!

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