Tuesday, February 26, 2008

J's Bridal Shower

Kaunting rest lang from the worship team retreat..as in sobrang kaunti lang,nag prepare na kami for Jerlyn’s bridal shower, actually her second bridal shower, her bestfriend prepared one also last Sunday but because we weren’t able to go, we organized another one.

And she was so surprised..we went to Sarah’s place at around 8PM, told her that Sarah invited us (carmel,me and her) for a dinner,of course the rest of the girls are there na at this time, nagtago lang sa guest room, Sarah kinda thought of showing her the rooms kasi first time nya makapunta dito..at siempre pa pag open nya..bulaga!!!!nagulat sha daming tao..hehe! galing ko daw umarte.

After dinner, we went with our plan na…actually, this was a repeat of what they did to me during my bridal shower…she felt so embarrassed at the start but enjoyed it later on, we made her wear our own design toilet paper wedding gown..and put her on the hot seat..:)

We had fun…after the laughters or roars..hehe! we prayed na for her and wished her all the best.

Love you Jerlyn!

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