Monday, February 11, 2008

Food tasting with Jerlyn

My very good friend Jerlyn’s here already.. 3 weeks before her wedding..yay!

Yesterday, we went food tasting at
Pearl Garden Hotel their chosen venue, so far she liked the place naman, I’m quite worried before because I know it’s different when you see things in personal and not only thru websites or pictures, We booked Pearl Garden while she was still in Georgia.

This is Pearl Garden's function room, it's an L type and can accomodate up to 200 guests.

And all their wedding things, she only got to finally touch and was able to take a closer look only yesterday, the invitations, the pouches, the barongs and all.

I believe she’s quite satisfied naman specially with the food from pearl Garden, except for the lentil soup which she eventually decided to change.She opted na lang for the creamy crab and corn soup.

This is the moonriver restaurant located at the 2nd floor, where we had our food tasting..

I like the chicken cordon bleu and the beef with broccoli…although looks like its broccoli with sobrang dami ng broccoli nila. Hehe! But over all masarap naman ang food nila.

I'll se if they will deliver again after Jerl's wedding. The first wedding I had there was Raffy and Sharon's wedding and haven't had any bad feedbacks naman.Hope they'll do better this time because Jerlyn and Lester are very dear friends of mine.

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