Monday, February 18, 2008

a fruitful weekend

Happy Monday morning everyone!

How’s your weekend? Well, mine was indeed a fruitful one…timing with the Sunday Message in our church.

I was out practically the whole day of Saturday with two of my friends whose getting married soon. We went to Paco Park in the morning to have Lester & Jerlyn’s (kunwari) pre-nuptial since this is not included in their package. Carmel and I volunteered to do the honor..hehe! saying that I don’t have the copies of the pics yet but will post it here as soon as Jerlyn’s approved it. We only used her point and shoot digial camera but I believe we were able to capture some good shots din,though not all of them are good..kasi naman Lester is so stiff..haha! di sanay mag artista..after that we had an early lunch in Robinsons Manila.

Jerlyn, me and Carmel

Later in the afternoon naman, we went to Teatrillo in Intramuros, we had food tasting with Eloquente, this one is for Carmel and Andrew’s wedding naman on June 6. And since I am the one who got married first, I am now their appointed wedding coordinator..which I so loved siempre. I enjoyed my wedding preps too much and I’m enjoying helping these friends of mine too.

I don’t know, they have not decided on having Eloquente yet, but I guess they’ll go for them,kasi the package is good plus the foods are ok naman. The only thing they’re not ok yata is the additional fee for the ceremony. I understand kasi these two are both full time missionaries so they are really on a budget wedding. Hope we can have some discount kahit sa ceremony set-up lang.

After that, we had the regular practice for our church worship team. It’s a bit tiring somehow and I don’t feel so good because of the colds but it’s very fulfilling.

Sunday, of course we went to church..later in the afternoon, Jerlyn’s entourage had the first fitting. Did I mention that my sister is doing the entourage gowns as well as the mothers?

After the fitting..I rested and slept till 6 pm..I still have colds now and headache but I think I’m re-charge for the whole week.again..happy monday mornign everyone!

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