Monday, February 11, 2008

Feeding Frenzy

Nope, this is not about that game where you feed your fish in aquarium but this is what we did last Friday night till Sunday evening.

Friday was my birthday and though I’m very much married now, my ever loving sister made sure they’ll have something pa rin for my birthday and this time, she and mom made spaghetti and ube halaya (which was so yummy) made from the real ube crops transported pa from our province. I am blessed to have such sweet family.

And since our Pastor Mar and I have the same birthdate, double celebration din kami sa center. Friday night, after the prayer meeting, eating to the max kami, our Head Pastor gifted us with a very delicious cake from Becky’s Kitchen, one of the most yummy cake I ever tasted! so love the coffee taste of it.

And I made fruit pinag fiestahan ng mga boys, specially hubby and neil.
And there were also other foods na gift from other church members, kilawin, gatang tilapia, laing,pansit and many more.

Hubby and I feasted on the cake and salad till Saturday.

To all those who made this feeding frenzy memorable..thank you so much from the bottom of my stomach..este my heart. Love you all!!!

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