Friday, February 15, 2008

DIY Balloon Decor

I couldn’t sleep last night…

Was home at around 11:00 PM from Direk Bert De leon's show at Hard Rock Café –no, it was not a valentine date or dinner..rather it was a valentine work for me.

And so while hubby is going gaga over this racing game on his mobile phone, I took out the 10 pieces small balloons I bought later that afternoon and made him look for my handy balloon inflater which took us mga 15 minutes pa before we were able to figure out saan namin nilagay. Haay..may memory gap na yata kami pareho.

I was greatly inspired by Kathy's entry to her blog about their DIY balloon décor on her daughter 1st birthday. I learned that she enrolled herself in youtube university so I enrolled myself too.

And here’s my first project finished at around 1:30 AM

My first DIY flower balloon...what do you think?

I might be trying my hands on the "column" tonight.


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  2. Hello! Please add my other site. Lizzz2 @ Thanks! :D

  3. Adoarble balloons!! Great job...I want to see the column! :)



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