Tuesday, January 29, 2008

The Wedding of the Year

It was tiring..preparing and everything, but seeing my Nanay and Tatay’s big smiles..It’s all worth it..and hearing from guests and relatives how blessed we are and how blessed my parents are…it’s really worth it.
The church was actually a small chapel..the chapel where I used to teach Sunday schools..the chapel where I have met the Lord and this is also where I was honed as a Christian..

Pastor Pert Rillo, our former Pastor, officiated the renewal of vows and gave a message for every couple..Tatay and Nanay really wanted him to officiate and they could never be wrong..He is so good and still very humble.

It was his first time also to preside such wedding, He made it very memorable for mom and dad. They had the ring ceremony also, the veil, the cord and the candle..very similar to new bride and groom except for the signing of the contract.

I was surprised to see a lot of people..whew! I thought we will only have as many as 150 guests but I think we even exceeded 250. Good thing Tatay made that last minute decision to add some more handa for the guests. Maybe he knew people he invited would really come and celebrate with us.

All in all..It was a very typical probinsya wedding..only it was a dinner reception, most of the wedding in our barrios are held in the morning and followed by lunch at the bride’s residence.

Of course, the grandkids had their special numbers, My niece Rachel recited her favorite poem which her Lola helped her memorized. Ryan and Rae sang “Tanging Yaman” and Renz sang our mom’s lullabye song for us, She also sing this song to her grandkids now a days..so the song has been with the family for almost 40 years now.

We made it even more special by having a trivia game for the guests, I asked my sister to buy some “colored gold items” for the prices..And then at the reception I asked questions about my parents, their real wedding date, the church, their exact age and many more..It was a hit! Guests raced in front to answer those trivia questions.

We all got emotional when Nanay Huling, my mom’s eldest sister (alive) gave her greetings and cried..very touching.

After the reception, there was my dad’s group called “haranista”..(It is a singing group, very popular in Nueva Ecija. I think every town has their own group..They sing in a local radio station there.) They sang and sang to their hearts content..They sang old love songs..old songs.

And at the other side..there is also a videoke..so you can imagine how noisy the place was..hehe!

Noisy and happy..I finally managed to sleep at around 3 AM.
And finally..thank you evryone (my cousins,friends,aunts and uncles,nanay's friends and tatay's barkadas) for making this occassion so memorable not only for my parents but for us all.
Hope..we will all get to celebrate our own 50th someday.

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  1. now... how can you not believe in love and marriage when there are people like them to serve as perfect proof that love prevails, and marriage enriches us? :)


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