Wednesday, January 23, 2008

On nanay and tatay pa rin

have you read my entry below? if not..then read later..pero for now..eto muna..:)

got a text message from my eldest sister this morning asking me to call mom sa cellphone nya..and forwarded me some text messages from tatay...

and guess what those texts are?.....nag-kagalit daw sila!!! as in 3 days before the renewal of vows..:) susme!

at first..I got sad and mad siempre..but I suddenly remember the verse I read yesterday and was still in my YM status.

"A gentle answer turns away wrath, but a harsh word stirs up anger" Proverbs 15:1

so I took a deep breath,whispered a prayer and then I dialed mom's number..but tatay picked up the call instead..he said mom left daw and will go back here na sa Manila..and so I asked what happened..and he said napagalitan lang daw nya si Rachel..thier apo and ayun nagalit na si madir...I said it's ok..don't be too mad kasi baka kung mapano pa sha..I told him..everything will be ok..baka nanay is just around the corner..nagpapalipas ng sama ng loob..

you see..thier marriage is way way far from being perfect...:) and everytime na they have has an effect on us thier kids...a lesson I shoul learn not to repeat when I have kids na.

I still don't know how can I calm my sister down..because she was really so mad kanina..I just hope she realize that this happens naman talaga from time to time and we should learn to deal with it na..

away matanda lang yan...hehe!

my cute pamangkin na reason ng lolo and lolas's argument

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