Thursday, January 31, 2008

memories..oh memories

I'm posting a copy of my e-mail to dolf dated Jan.1,2004-this was when Viv left us..and he was so sad..:)

wala lang..since I am being senti today..hehe..might as well post na rin nga..and as I read this letter again, I can't help my self ate-ate pa ako no?


I know things are not easy with you now a days...maybe you're in deep pain..i just do not know how deep but what I'm quite sure of're hurting..

I don't wanna see you that way sana...pero as I have said so many times before, we're just humans and being sons of God doesn't mean we're excuse for being hurt or for having such kind of pain.

I understand and I'm not a bit worried..because I trust God and I trust His faithfullness..I know He's holding your heart and He's doing something into it..and I know also that you do the same..sabi nga sa song..we can rest in His faithfulness di ba? so if ever you might feel so tired na..or you think you can't handle na the pain of missing someone you dearly loved...just trust in His faithfulness..

Know what? I'm so blessed nga seeing you like that..God had really used you to bless me in so many ways..sobrang blessed ako sa heart mo..sabi ko nga sa Lord, bigyan nya ko ng heart ng katulad mo..nasabi ko pa nga sana lahat ng tao ganyan ang puso.. hehe!! walang halong biro yan ha? I just hope you'll be like that forever..kahit ano pa marating mo..I know you'll go'll be blessed and God will use your life pa to blessed a lot of lives not just here but maybe some other place pa...

In His perfect you just wait ok?

Basta lang you keep on serving God and you keep on falling in love with Him..and everything will take place..sabi mo nga added bonus na lang...

whatever happens,,,I'll just be here..if you feel like crying..If you need someone to talk to.If you need some shoulder...nandito lang po ate mo...I'll be happy to listen..kahit pa ano yan..sentiments or happiness or anything you want to share...



Mam Rocks

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