Wednesday, January 23, 2008

In our search of wedding venue

for our very good friend Andrew and Carmel..

I came across this "hotel"..I was browsing through yellow pages and called their number..and a giggly and super friendly girl entertained me..

and gave me the cheapest of all the rates we have in our hands..well that's for 3 star I informed Carmel about it..she was quite happy and asked her fiance to do the ocular that night..and so when we reach the place after several tanongs from here and there..:) we're all not good in following directions..hehe!

eto na..

we entered and I was surprised to see an old lady sa reception desk..:) di ba the usual..mga young and beautiful ang nasa front desk????

and then I inquired and then she called someone to show us the function room.. was creepy..when we got inside pa..sumakit talaga ulo one is people..
and then we looked around..the place looks so old...and smells bad..amoy luma talaga...

and then..the boy that showed us around..told us it was one of the oldest "hotel" in Manila.. ok lang sana if it is well kept..may mga guests and alive..but it was not.. howell, sabi na nga ba pagbasa ko ng quote from them "it's too good to be true"

Can I mention the name of that "hotel" here???

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