Monday, January 14, 2008

happy new year!!!

Well, I know it’s late..but at least we’re still on the first month of the let me just greet you all a happy new year.

I started this year right in the hospital..on the very first day and spent the whole night of January 1 at San Juan de’s not me or anyone from the family member but It’s Carmel, a dear friend and sister in Christ who happened to be a housemate.

She was operated on appendicitis…and I just have to be with her..I guess I wrote the story on my personal blog
So I don’t wanna be repeating the same story here.

And since this is originally our wedblog..I would like to start this year here by blogging about several weddings..

Michelle and Dax wedding
December 29,2007
Saturday at Villa Valentina Resort
Llanera, Nueva Ecija

Michelle is a very dear cousin to us..she was like a real sister, we’ve been friends..bestfriends since Cabanatuan days..or since we were young..there were three of us actually, Donna, me and Michelle..and when she said she told us about their plans of getting married..I admit..I got sad..for I know soon, we will have our own lives na..although I know somehow..since I got married na we’ve been apart na..still..It was sad to see her go away (physically) from the family and move to another family..they now live in Cogeo.

Anyways, her wedding was beautiful..the setting was almost Pastor Gani commented how beautiful the lights as michelle walked down the bridge of the pool..supposed to be the aisle if it’s in the church…

And as she walked down there..and as the music played..I began crying silently..though I’m super taranta that night..nakuha ko pang mag senti..hehe!my role was coordinator and emcee and assistant into there were no church member to assist us in the ceremony..thanks to least meron akong runner/assistant din.

Hubby’s role as usual is on the technical side..and the wedding singer. He sang “I live my life for you” by the Firehouse..which he only learned to play just a week before the wedding..kaya naman di masyado maayos nakanta..hehe! and although there were problems sa sound system..he was able to catch up and do adlib a about being ready..:)

It was tiring..and we went home staright from the wedding venue to Makati that night but it’s all worth it..seeing Michelle on her wedding gown..seeing her dad and seeing a lot of’s all worth it.

I still have some more weddings to blog but I guess I’ll do that next time..

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