Thursday, January 31, 2008

memories..oh memories

I'm posting a copy of my e-mail to dolf dated Jan.1,2004-this was when Viv left us..and he was so sad..:)

wala lang..since I am being senti today..hehe..might as well post na rin nga..and as I read this letter again, I can't help my self ate-ate pa ako no?


I know things are not easy with you now a days...maybe you're in deep pain..i just do not know how deep but what I'm quite sure of're hurting..

I don't wanna see you that way sana...pero as I have said so many times before, we're just humans and being sons of God doesn't mean we're excuse for being hurt or for having such kind of pain.

I understand and I'm not a bit worried..because I trust God and I trust His faithfullness..I know He's holding your heart and He's doing something into it..and I know also that you do the same..sabi nga sa song..we can rest in His faithfulness di ba? so if ever you might feel so tired na..or you think you can't handle na the pain of missing someone you dearly loved...just trust in His faithfulness..

Know what? I'm so blessed nga seeing you like that..God had really used you to bless me in so many ways..sobrang blessed ako sa heart mo..sabi ko nga sa Lord, bigyan nya ko ng heart ng katulad mo..nasabi ko pa nga sana lahat ng tao ganyan ang puso.. hehe!! walang halong biro yan ha? I just hope you'll be like that forever..kahit ano pa marating mo..I know you'll go'll be blessed and God will use your life pa to blessed a lot of lives not just here but maybe some other place pa...

In His perfect you just wait ok?

Basta lang you keep on serving God and you keep on falling in love with Him..and everything will take place..sabi mo nga added bonus na lang...

whatever happens,,,I'll just be here..if you feel like crying..If you need someone to talk to.If you need some shoulder...nandito lang po ate mo...I'll be happy to listen..kahit pa ano yan..sentiments or happiness or anything you want to share...



Mam Rocks

When and How did you know??

... that you want to spend the rest of your life with your spouse? That he/she is THE ONE?
We’ll be celebrating our 1 year and 10 months anniversary soon and as response to the question above which I got from Mec’s blog.. I will try my best to write and remember right the whens and hows of our lovestory.

I saw Rudolf June 0f 2003, It’s a Sunday..I went to their church with my cousin Michelle who is by then attending the Sunday worship regularly. Me on the other side keep on postponing the invitation as I tell her every Sunday that it’s only my rest day. I was then a backslider Christian, currently in a painful relationship, emotionally abused and busy at work.

I saw him agad because he’s leading the worship..and I remember one particular song he’s singing..”Open the eyes of my heart Lord”. I actually told my cousin..what a beautiful voice..seems like I’m hearing it on a CD..Two or three more Sundays of regularly attending the service, we were finally introduce, a lot of them “interns” from LJBC (Lord Jesus Bible Church) approach us right after the service and introduce themselves.

We then became friends instantly,,me and my then officemate/friend Viviane often found ourselves making tambay in the LJBC center,(it’s actually a big house where missionaries of the church live). After office hours, we will go and drop by at the center, we will bring some food with us.

There’s this inviting spirit in this place..It feels so peaceful to be there..talking about the lives of the people who live there..thier service to God and everything…but that’s another story I guess..

And Rudolf and I became so good friends..untill we found out he had a crush on my friend they were being tease everyday and eventually got sad that after a while, Viviane had to leave Manila and go back to Cebu, leaving Rudolf behind, that was December of 2003.

I know Viviane was her very first girlfriend, and he was deeply hurt when they broke up 6 months after. Long distance relationship doesn’t seem to work for both of them. All this time, me and Rudolf has developed a special friendship between us, he’s always with me..we’re often seen the point that we were being tease together..but I said it cannot be..I was still madly inlove with my then on & off boyfriend for 4 years..although he was abroad that time..and the fact that I am 8 years older than it’s really impossible for us to be in love..or so I thought….

The year 2004 made us even more closer..but the year 2005 has been a year of testing for us. By December of 2004, he already knew..hmnnn..sige na nga..we both then knew that there is something special going on between us..but neither wants to admit.

And so we kinda separated…he became so aloof and we started building wall between us..that was December until March of 2005.

But God has planned something wonderful for us..I broke up with my then boyfriend..and started to move on..

Rudolf kept on praying about us and when He realized that God is working with us, he came to me and just said he loves me and that it would be hard for both of us because of our age difference..not only that..with our lifestyle so different..but if God is with us..we could make this work.

It was not a fairytale story, we had lots of troubles and issues too..but we have the Lord..

On April 18, 2005..we had a talk with Kuya Mar (our head Pastor now) and told him about us and ask his permission and his blessing. And so he prayed for us.

At that time, I knew he was the one already..that I am now ready to spend the rest of my life with him. How did I know? God told me so..I have asked and asked..and yes, God do many many ways. In his words, through other people, even through some incidents.

June 0f 2005..we started planning for our wedding..everyone was happy for us..even my parents, even my friends..they know God can never go wrong.and on April 21 2006, we tied the knot.

He didn’t courted me..God courted me for him. We were made for each other. We are each other’s God’s special gift. All those events in my life lead me right into where his “best” was.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

The Wedding of the Year

It was tiring..preparing and everything, but seeing my Nanay and Tatay’s big smiles..It’s all worth it..and hearing from guests and relatives how blessed we are and how blessed my parents are…it’s really worth it.
The church was actually a small chapel..the chapel where I used to teach Sunday schools..the chapel where I have met the Lord and this is also where I was honed as a Christian..

Pastor Pert Rillo, our former Pastor, officiated the renewal of vows and gave a message for every couple..Tatay and Nanay really wanted him to officiate and they could never be wrong..He is so good and still very humble.

It was his first time also to preside such wedding, He made it very memorable for mom and dad. They had the ring ceremony also, the veil, the cord and the candle..very similar to new bride and groom except for the signing of the contract.

I was surprised to see a lot of people..whew! I thought we will only have as many as 150 guests but I think we even exceeded 250. Good thing Tatay made that last minute decision to add some more handa for the guests. Maybe he knew people he invited would really come and celebrate with us.

All in all..It was a very typical probinsya wedding..only it was a dinner reception, most of the wedding in our barrios are held in the morning and followed by lunch at the bride’s residence.

Of course, the grandkids had their special numbers, My niece Rachel recited her favorite poem which her Lola helped her memorized. Ryan and Rae sang “Tanging Yaman” and Renz sang our mom’s lullabye song for us, She also sing this song to her grandkids now a the song has been with the family for almost 40 years now.

We made it even more special by having a trivia game for the guests, I asked my sister to buy some “colored gold items” for the prices..And then at the reception I asked questions about my parents, their real wedding date, the church, their exact age and many more..It was a hit! Guests raced in front to answer those trivia questions.

We all got emotional when Nanay Huling, my mom’s eldest sister (alive) gave her greetings and cried..very touching.

After the reception, there was my dad’s group called “haranista”..(It is a singing group, very popular in Nueva Ecija. I think every town has their own group..They sing in a local radio station there.) They sang and sang to their hearts content..They sang old love songs..old songs.

And at the other side..there is also a you can imagine how noisy the place was..hehe!

Noisy and happy..I finally managed to sleep at around 3 AM.
And finally..thank you evryone (my cousins,friends,aunts and uncles,nanay's friends and tatay's barkadas) for making this occassion so memorable not only for my parents but for us all.
Hope..we will all get to celebrate our own 50th someday.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

My first and I'm honored

Thank you jody for this..It is a great feeling knowing that I am now starting to build friends in this wide wide blog world.
Now I would like to pass these awards to caca, to gracemags and to anne.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

In our search of wedding venue

for our very good friend Andrew and Carmel..

I came across this "hotel"..I was browsing through yellow pages and called their number..and a giggly and super friendly girl entertained me..

and gave me the cheapest of all the rates we have in our hands..well that's for 3 star I informed Carmel about it..she was quite happy and asked her fiance to do the ocular that night..and so when we reach the place after several tanongs from here and there..:) we're all not good in following directions..hehe!

eto na..

we entered and I was surprised to see an old lady sa reception desk..:) di ba the usual..mga young and beautiful ang nasa front desk????

and then I inquired and then she called someone to show us the function room.. was creepy..when we got inside pa..sumakit talaga ulo one is people..
and then we looked around..the place looks so old...and smells bad..amoy luma talaga...

and then..the boy that showed us around..told us it was one of the oldest "hotel" in Manila.. ok lang sana if it is well kept..may mga guests and alive..but it was not.. howell, sabi na nga ba pagbasa ko ng quote from them "it's too good to be true"

Can I mention the name of that "hotel" here???

On nanay and tatay pa rin

have you read my entry below? if not..then read later..pero for now..eto muna..:)

got a text message from my eldest sister this morning asking me to call mom sa cellphone nya..and forwarded me some text messages from tatay...

and guess what those texts are?.....nag-kagalit daw sila!!! as in 3 days before the renewal of vows..:) susme!

at first..I got sad and mad siempre..but I suddenly remember the verse I read yesterday and was still in my YM status.

"A gentle answer turns away wrath, but a harsh word stirs up anger" Proverbs 15:1

so I took a deep breath,whispered a prayer and then I dialed mom's number..but tatay picked up the call instead..he said mom left daw and will go back here na sa Manila..and so I asked what happened..and he said napagalitan lang daw nya si Rachel..thier apo and ayun nagalit na si madir...I said it's ok..don't be too mad kasi baka kung mapano pa sha..I told him..everything will be ok..baka nanay is just around the corner..nagpapalipas ng sama ng loob..

you see..thier marriage is way way far from being perfect...:) and everytime na they have has an effect on us thier kids...a lesson I shoul learn not to repeat when I have kids na.

I still don't know how can I calm my sister down..because she was really so mad kanina..I just hope she realize that this happens naman talaga from time to time and we should learn to deal with it na..

away matanda lang yan...hehe!

my cute pamangkin na reason ng lolo and lolas's argument

Thursday, January 17, 2008

50 years ng kasal ang nanay at tatay ko

Exactly 9 days from now, my parents would be celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary.They actually got married 24th of January 1958..and because it falls on a Thursday this year we decided to have their renewal of vows on the 26th since it’s the nearest Saturday.

I really am blessed to see them still together after 50 long years,and I know it is just but proper to give them some sort of celebration,after all not so many couples are given the chance to celebrate their golden wedding anniversary. Some go separate ways, others simply don’t reach the old age to celebrate their 50th..So yes, I am grateful that God has gifted my Nanay and Tatay a long life and a long marriage life.

Of course, their marriage is far from perfect..there are times I thought they will also be separated, there were many fights, too many troubles and too many hardships and we’re all part of them..but still,they manage to survive and brought us all up together..I think it’s one clear illustration of how a marriage should be. We,their kids,don’t need to hear it from them anymore..It’s clear that Marriage is a lifetime commitment.

And of course, I am the wedding planner from the ceremony to reception and to what’s gonna happen on that day..ako ang culprit..

We will be all wearing gold gowns J and we bought a gold candle holder for the souvenir and put it in a gold pouch bag, I DIY the invitations,, I accentuated it with gold stickers that I also made my self. Nanay will be wearing a two piece golden gown..simple but I know it will look good on her, she actually liked it when I show her the picture.

It’s not really grand..they will renew their vows on our small Christian church located just beside our home and dinner/reception will be at the front yard of our house.. but still we want to give them the best and we want them to feel special on this day.

We invited old friends of them and some relatives to share with our happiness.

I’ll blog about it right after the wedding.

Monday, January 14, 2008

happy new year!!!

Well, I know it’s late..but at least we’re still on the first month of the let me just greet you all a happy new year.

I started this year right in the hospital..on the very first day and spent the whole night of January 1 at San Juan de’s not me or anyone from the family member but It’s Carmel, a dear friend and sister in Christ who happened to be a housemate.

She was operated on appendicitis…and I just have to be with her..I guess I wrote the story on my personal blog
So I don’t wanna be repeating the same story here.

And since this is originally our wedblog..I would like to start this year here by blogging about several weddings..

Michelle and Dax wedding
December 29,2007
Saturday at Villa Valentina Resort
Llanera, Nueva Ecija

Michelle is a very dear cousin to us..she was like a real sister, we’ve been friends..bestfriends since Cabanatuan days..or since we were young..there were three of us actually, Donna, me and Michelle..and when she said she told us about their plans of getting married..I admit..I got sad..for I know soon, we will have our own lives na..although I know somehow..since I got married na we’ve been apart na..still..It was sad to see her go away (physically) from the family and move to another family..they now live in Cogeo.

Anyways, her wedding was beautiful..the setting was almost Pastor Gani commented how beautiful the lights as michelle walked down the bridge of the pool..supposed to be the aisle if it’s in the church…

And as she walked down there..and as the music played..I began crying silently..though I’m super taranta that night..nakuha ko pang mag senti..hehe!my role was coordinator and emcee and assistant into there were no church member to assist us in the ceremony..thanks to least meron akong runner/assistant din.

Hubby’s role as usual is on the technical side..and the wedding singer. He sang “I live my life for you” by the Firehouse..which he only learned to play just a week before the wedding..kaya naman di masyado maayos nakanta..hehe! and although there were problems sa sound system..he was able to catch up and do adlib a about being ready..:)

It was tiring..and we went home staright from the wedding venue to Makati that night but it’s all worth it..seeing Michelle on her wedding gown..seeing her dad and seeing a lot of’s all worth it.

I still have some more weddings to blog but I guess I’ll do that next time..