Tuesday, October 16, 2007

welcome to the world

Just wanna welcome these new babies in this world..

The newest member of the family, my sister in law gave birth to him last October 3, he named them Yuri from the Korean's famous JU-MONG..his dad and my eldest sister is a big fan obviously..

I pray that this boy grow up with God in his heart,that he'll become a very very good citizen,responsible and loving..of course unlike of his dad..my brother.

my favorite blogger mec has given birth to a cute and healthy baby boy last October 7... such a blessed child to be born with a loving mom and dad..

and then here's nicole, a friends baby who was born last July 30,she's so cute and her mom love to dress her in pink and flowery shirts because she has no hair and don't wanna be mistaken for a baby boy.

I pray that I'll be featuring my own baby here soon..in God's perfect time.

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