Friday, September 21, 2007

the search for "bulalo"

Last Sunday, as post celebration of hubbys birthday, we went to Tagaytay and yes we rode in our motorcycles and this was our very first long trip. I was nervous at first, I keep on reminding hubby that his speed should only be at 6okph maximum...our rider buddies keep on joking that we'll reach tagaytay the next day because of our speed. It was cold, we did not anticipated how cold it can get and though we were on our jackets, we were still chilling. we left makati at around 4 and we were there mga before 6pm siguro.

So our first agenda is to eat and have a taste of that cheap and yet yummy bulalo..but unfortunately we're late,a local said it was already close..mga 8pm na yata yun..kasi we dropped by pa to our churchmate there and we had cofee and pansit. So we went on and look for another place to this time I'm really craving na sa bulalo kasi naman sobrang lamig talaga tapos naka motor ka pa di ba?

We ended up here;

RSM Lutong Bahay, In fairness, masarap naman ang bulalo nila..and the place is good..all woods and there are cottages at the back where you can have sort of private dining.

After few hours of eating and mostly picture taking, we dropped by din sa starbucks and have a cup of coffee before going home
tapos we went home na, it was fun..we reach home at around 11:45 PM na yata. I would like to do it again siguro some other nearby province din like laguna or bulacan. For more of our pictures here's the link ;

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  1. sis, pangarap kong mag-backride before on a motorcycle :D kaso sarado talaga isip ni hubs dyan... hehe...


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