Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Random scribbling

oh no!..haven't blog for almost a month now, something went wrong with my account and i cannot log in, good thing it's ok now.

there seems to be a "baby boom " in our church this month, there were 4 newborn babies, It was fun looking at them but I cannot deny the fact that It was also so sad.

When I go and approach thisnew mom and comment on how cute her baby is, I will all of a sudden hear comments for me too like "hey! next tiome it will be your turn.."don't worry,you'll be the next new mom"

I know they don't mean to hurt me and they wish it with all thier heart but still it's so sad.

I know God has plans for us and He has promised us that He will bless the fruit of my womb, (Deutoromy 28 :4) but waiting is such a trying time for me and for my husband.

On a lighter note, My nephew, Renz 7th birthday last Sunday was a blast! he enjoyed it so much and was so happy you can see it in his eyes. His friends loved all the pokemon stuff inside the loot bags. I prepared for it only for 3 months, he originally wanted to have a power ranger theme but he got hooked into pokemon craze and changed his mind, so there, we had pokemon as the theme.

Hubby made the backdrop and all the styro pokemon,and we made also pokeballs. The kids loved the"Whos that Pokemon game" and of course the pokemon hunt game.

And Renz oh so loved the cupcakes with pokemon character toppings,and his cake with balbasaur, his most favorite pokemon character.

It's all worth it, the effort and all the time we spent for the succes of his party. No pictures yet but once I have it.I'll post it here.


  1. hi sis,

    cheer up :) darating din ang God's gift mo... God's gift natin :) don't lose hope in TTC.

    let's support each other okay :) i'll be your partner in ttcing from now on... if its okay with you. i'll x-link your site ha. thanks! God bless!

    mari here from n@w

  2. hi sis ganun talaga ... ako din naiinip na kakahintay, pero naniniwala din ako na anytime ibibigay na ni Lord yun sa atin :)

    BTW, etong blogspot pa din ang gagamitin kong blog. Ok na siya eh, nagawa din yung problema :)


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