Thursday, August 30, 2007

on motorbike and a raise

Tommorrow, if everythings turn out ok, we'll be having that new motorbike. Dolf is ecstatic and excited and happy about it, he's been telling me about it months ago and I always say NO because I am actually afraid of motorbikes.Statistics will tell you that accidents involviong those 2 wheeled vehicle is quite high.But he was persistent and we did prayed for it so when this opportunity came he grabbed it immediately,but as this is on installment basis,so I told him we have to make really tipid..that could mean no more movies or eating out muna (sigh) lungkot naman.

But it excites me too, the thought of buying something na we can call our own is a happy thought naman talaga..and the fact that he can always make hatid and sundo sa akin sa office..ay masaya talaga di ba?

I am sure I will always be praying when I am not home and hubby is out there in the ministry kasi I know he'll be riding the motorbike and I will be so nervous palagi.

Timing din naman kasi I recently got a merit increase from work so dun na yun mapupunta, I was actually surprised when I learned about that increase because honestly I don't expect it, I know I am working but I know I am not working that hard too..not untill that raise,kasi ngayon super work naman ako and because nahihiya ako I try to come to office early now all my time- in are not later than 9 am..cheers to me! :)

so there, have to go back to work :)

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