Friday, June 22, 2007

our own "wyeth" and etc...

yes, we have our own "wyeth" now, not the one on who manufactured milk and was over all the news today..she's our new pet, our new small we could only give her milk, hubby just saw her on the street last week and having that soft heart for pets, he immediately picked it up and brought it home, It was nice seeing my husband feeding the cat milk..ang tiyaga talaga, because this cat cannot see yet, she has to depend on what hubby feed her and she made her a small feeding bottle from a used glue bottle..:) I told him I'm gonna buy a real feeding bottle this afternoon because I think she could suck it now, she's gain weight since last week. We named her "wyeth" just last night because as we all know wyeth is in the news..wala lang, just want to remember the first milk product recall the philippine government has ever made. naks! significant..hehe!

I hope I could take some pics to post...but It's hard when you don't have your own camera, that is why I've been wanting to buy one for us..I wish I could soon but we just spent some of our saved money for our small kusina upstairs..sigh talaga...anyway, I'm sure that will come at a time lang talaga.
I am also praying that we could give more time to our silkscreen job, there has been inquiries and I'm hoping this will eventually be our small business at home..lalo na pag nag resign na ako sa work, this has potential kasi and I strongly believe in hubbys talent..we only need time to make ayos on some papers and marketing I guess, plus of course time para sa production, although hubby is not working he doesn't ahve much time naman talaga for his own stuff din kasi nga he's a full time worker of our church..

anyway, here's sample of printed t-shirts.

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