Friday, June 22, 2007

our own "wyeth" and etc...

yes, we have our own "wyeth" now, not the one on who manufactured milk and was over all the news today..she's our new pet, our new small we could only give her milk, hubby just saw her on the street last week and having that soft heart for pets, he immediately picked it up and brought it home, It was nice seeing my husband feeding the cat milk..ang tiyaga talaga, because this cat cannot see yet, she has to depend on what hubby feed her and she made her a small feeding bottle from a used glue bottle..:) I told him I'm gonna buy a real feeding bottle this afternoon because I think she could suck it now, she's gain weight since last week. We named her "wyeth" just last night because as we all know wyeth is in the news..wala lang, just want to remember the first milk product recall the philippine government has ever made. naks! significant..hehe!

I hope I could take some pics to post...but It's hard when you don't have your own camera, that is why I've been wanting to buy one for us..I wish I could soon but we just spent some of our saved money for our small kusina upstairs..sigh talaga...anyway, I'm sure that will come at a time lang talaga.
I am also praying that we could give more time to our silkscreen job, there has been inquiries and I'm hoping this will eventually be our small business at home..lalo na pag nag resign na ako sa work, this has potential kasi and I strongly believe in hubbys talent..we only need time to make ayos on some papers and marketing I guess, plus of course time para sa production, although hubby is not working he doesn't ahve much time naman talaga for his own stuff din kasi nga he's a full time worker of our church..

anyway, here's sample of printed t-shirts.

Saturday, June 16, 2007

wedding pics

just want to share these pictures, now ko lang na upload kasi. these were our unity candles na nakalimutan dun sa venue at hindi na nabalikan..hehehe! labor of love ni nahal in kumuha pa ng kawayan sa province, kinayas at binarnisan at ako na ang naglagay ng design.
at eto naman nag bible na nigamit namin, i just bought the blue cover sa PCBS, yung nilagay naming bible ay yung old bible naming 2 na sobrang luma na..may s enti value kaya yun nag ginamit namin.
here naman our matches, siempre nilagyan ko pa din ng design..
at eto ang envelope ng invites namin na sobrang pinaghirapan naming gawin, as in nagkapaso-paso ang mga daliri namin..marami namang nagandahan.
hala! feeling ko ngayon pa lang ako nagre-review about the wedding..hehe! samantalang one year ng tapos..wala alng..feel ko lang..

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

how painful?

jerlyn's bestfriend, janina lost her baby last June 11,still birth at 8 months..I cannot say I know how she feels because I'm sure I don't. I know that it is painful and I laso felt pain for them pero I cannot really say how painful it is for them lalo na for janina, when we last saw each other nung birthday ng nephew ni jerlyn..she and her husband Ross were so excited about thier first baby, we even joked about the spelling of the baby's name.

But God has other plans obviously..Last night we had necrological service..and everyone is crying..including janina's father..Pastor Gani asked the couple to stand beside thier baby's coffin and asked them to say a prayer...and I cried mmore when I heard janina pray and give thanks to God for the 8 wonderful months of allowing her to feel what it is like to be a mom.

And then I asked God myself..Lord kung ako ba kakayanin ko ang ganito? Like January and Ross, they've waited and prayed for this gift, for this little bundle of joy and then kukunin din pala sa'yo.

I am not yet conceiving and things like this makes me more praning, kasi I knew how careful and how janina took care of her baby inside her womb..and she has all the resources...paano na lang kaya yung iba na wala man lang pang pre natal? pero naman..may mga mommies na hindi halos nagba- vitamins pero malusog namang ipinapanaganak ang maga anak...hay! we really cannot question how God works in our lives.

on the other hand...I will go and see my OB this Friday, not really to consult something..just wanna submit myself for another test..