Friday, May 25, 2007

10 months of no blogging

and we're one year married! wohhoo! actually it was last month pa..April 21,It was a Friday so we had a wonderful weekend together...we celebrated it here lang din in the city since we cannot afford to go out on a Saturday due to committments but nonetheless, we enjoyed it..just the two of us..we really treasured it kasi that month may 2 kids na nagbabakasyon sa'min eh. :)

I can say we're still on the adjustment period pero small adjustments na lang..

I am now used to waking up beside him..and of course sleeping beside him.

I am now used in doing the grocery mostly on Fridays with him.

of course like ordinary couples we had troubles and fights too...but I guess those made our love stronger and our faith as well.

I have lots of kwentos, i'll just organized it in my mind and will start writing some soon.

God bless!

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