Wednesday, May 30, 2007

our banaue-sagada trip

This was actually last December pa, we went to Banaue and Sagada for a 4 day retreat, after a lot of pains and hurts emotionally-(a different story)..finally natuloy kami umalis with all the LJBC Interns plus me and Jerlyn of course.

Sa Sumaguing Cave..where I nearly collapse..kala ko talaga magpa-pass out ako..di kinaya ng powers ko.

 na enjoy namin ang fire place sa bahay ni manong arthur!

Kiltepan View :)

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

baby news?? none yet

it's been a year and a month...and I would honestly admit na I have mix feelings about it..Para kasing feeling ko ok lang sa'kin If God won't give us a child of our own as a gift..and I know it's the same din with Rudolf..we will enjoy each other na lang talaga and siempre once in a while may mga kids naman kaming inaalagaan.. pero a part of me is wishing and hoping na sana kahit isa lang..bigyan kami ni Lord.

Last March, we consulted an OB and as expected I have a problem..t'was PCOS (polycystic Ovarian Syndrome) not so rare and very common na daw ito..but it's still a sad news..don't wanna elaborate about it..basta it's a hormonal imbalance that makes it hard for me to conceive..hard but not impossible at least.

Anyway, being "pasaway" that I am..hindi pa ko bumalik sa OB since then..I still have to submit myself for a PAPSMEAR test..and then more test and ek-ek which the Ob explained..sobrang madami dapat gawin sabi tuloy ni Rudolf..hindi kaya tayo na ang sumasagot sa prayers natin?..may punto sha di ba? pero I know I have to go back to my OB..sana this June..maasikaso ko na..sana I could muster some lakas ng loob to submit myself for a series of tests pa..mind you..trips to OB are not so fun.

Right now, we're enjoying and hoping and praying..pero siempre whatever God's will is..we will just obey..anyway God knows what is best for us.

Friday, May 25, 2007

10 months of no blogging

and we're one year married! wohhoo! actually it was last month pa..April 21,It was a Friday so we had a wonderful weekend together...we celebrated it here lang din in the city since we cannot afford to go out on a Saturday due to committments but nonetheless, we enjoyed it..just the two of us..we really treasured it kasi that month may 2 kids na nagbabakasyon sa'min eh. :)

I can say we're still on the adjustment period pero small adjustments na lang..

I am now used to waking up beside him..and of course sleeping beside him.

I am now used in doing the grocery mostly on Fridays with him.

of course like ordinary couples we had troubles and fights too...but I guess those made our love stronger and our faith as well.

I have lots of kwentos, i'll just organized it in my mind and will start writing some soon.

God bless!