Saturday, November 19, 2005

from cabanatuan

yeah..i am updating this blog of mine from cabanatuan..been here since was an emergency mom is sick and i have to go home..thank God she's fine now.She just needs close supervision to keep her blood sugar and blood pressure low. I never knew it could be as serious as this until i was able to talk to her doctor which happens to be my classmate wayback elementary. Her blood sugar was so high it could have caused her blindness and her blood pressure could have caused her a stroke..which i taught she had, kaya talaga namang ninerbyos ako at sumugod ako umuwi..i cried and i was so afraid of the thought that we're gonna lose her na..umiral na naman pag ka praning ko!

Praise God! I know she'll be fine..a lot of prayer had been said for her and God surely listens...

on wedding preps...i was able to visit "Sa lumang bahay" parang ocular na din..and discussed some things with belle-the owner who also manages the place..she's so accomodating..the place is good like what i've said before and finally my father agreed hopefully after the pamanhikan on the 28th..mag full blast na kami sa preparations.

prescy called me last week- she will sponsor my gown talaga!.. ang bait ni Lord..and she said yes na rin as one of my secondary sponsors..kailangan na namin pumayat!

we were able to talk to Pastor Gani na rin, he'll officiate our wedding and has given us lots of encouraging words and tips..counselling with him will start soon na maybe we will be very busy on the next few months.

ano pa ba nagawa namin? hmnnn..we went to divisoria na rin pala...we scouted some materials for our invitations..maybe we could go back before the end of this month..super hirap na pumunta dun ngayon kasi dami na tao..

gotta go now..nakakalimutan ko may pasyente pala ko..hehe!
miss ko na mahal ko...:(

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  1. I'm from Cabanatuan. CIC ako nag Highschool. My sister's still there running Bigsound FM. are you also evangelicals like them? I think they are with VCF. Nice blog BTW.


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