Friday, October 14, 2005

change of date

notice the daisypath? now it says 6 months and 1 week before our wedding day...yeah..after spending a lot of time in prayer and some serious talks..we finally decided to move it on April..for us not to worry too much of so many things na rin..

initially..i'm quite confused ..I've always thought I'm gonna be a december bride..but God has his own plans..

right now..we're doing fine...we have a venue na rin although pencil book pa lang least di na sa bahay as my father is insisting..but I do hope everything will push through the way we wanted it..ciempre kami naman yung ikakasal di ba? and at the same time not hurting anyones feelings specially my dad.

haven't had the time to post din kasi am so and ministry and family...we went home last week to celebrate my moms birthday..medyo di masyado maganda usual dami problema..but still i thank God for giving mom another year..and special din kasi it's very seldom na magkakasama sama kaming lahat..with all my siblings and thier kids.

so i'm still on to wedding i am thinking of giving "save the date" na di ko na inisip pa dati.

at isa pang natuwa ako..I'll have lot's of time to lose some weight pa..hehe! para naman daw mabuhat ako ni rudolf sa kasal namin..


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  2. I was about to suggest that... Save the date. But technically speaking, Save the date has to be mailed or given to the individuals six months before the wedding. So you'd better start preparing and mailing one.


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