Thursday, August 18, 2005

goodbye angie

last sunday we bid our final goodbye to a very dear friend..she's so young and so full of life and laughters..but God took her home already..left her 4 year old daughter and her husband..The moment I heard the news I was shocked..parang kailan lang..magkakasama kami..tumatawa..not knowing of what is ahead of us...until's so hard for me to accept that she's hindi na namin sha makikita forever.

What strucked me and my friends is the cause of her death..."kidney failure"..just last year kasi(november) a friend of ours died of the same reason also,he's only 23 years old..7 kami na barkada...and sobrang naging close kahit we live on seperate houses but the same place..halos sa isang bahay na lang kami tumira at sa'ming pito, 2 na ang namatay with the same desease..I wonder..coincidence nga lang ba ito? so kaming mga naiwan (5 of us) are very conscious tuloy about our kidney...inom ng maraming water, inom ng buko of my friend nga decidecd to have an ultra sound na daw..just to make sure...paranoid! can't blame him,sabi nga nila mabuti na daw yung nag-iingat.

tomorrow is junel's 24th birthday..and on september 24, angies' 27th more celebrations though..

bye angie and junel..we'll miss you both.

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  1. rocks, i'm so sorry to hear about your loss. fyi, i'm a kidney transplant patient. i had kidney failure 3 years ago when i was 26. i was on dialysis for 2 and a half years. it's hard but i got the hang of it. however, i felt life was never the same, until my mom's co-worker donated one of her kidneys to me last november. it's been 9 months now and so far so good. maraming medications but it's better than my 3-hour treatment every other day. the top two causes of kidney failure are DIABETES & HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE. I'm not diabetic but i never knew i had high blood, too late na nung nalaman ko at nag-fail na ang kidneys ko. you're right, sad things like these happen, but it also serves as a reminder that we should never take our life & body for granted. i have learned a lot especially to go to the doctor regularly. most importantly, to always pray for good health and good life.


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