Tuesday, June 28, 2005

first image uploaded

wohoo!!! at last..have my first image uploaded na...step by step..am doing fine here...
next project..how will i change the looks of my blog..

talk about the wedding...haven't done anything for the last few weeks now..i don't know..nawala na ba yung excitement? di naman siguro..it's just that I'm just going with the flow..or maybe it's because iniisip ko na hindi pa naman nagsasabi si dolf sa church so it's still premature to plan for the wedding..but if it's gonna be on december na nga..wow! I think I'm running out of time na..

a friend of ours is sponsoring the inviatation...:)

I'm going to that filipiniana theme na talaga..last sunday afternoon..we tried to look for that cord na nakita nung isang w@wie sa rustans..pero di namin nakita...:(

starting july..seryoso nato..i mean, will announce it na sa mga close friends namin..amd will have the ento list na..hope everything works out fine..

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  1. hi rocks! congratulations, malapit ka na pala ikasal. I'm so happy for you. :)


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