Wednesday, June 29, 2005

learning a lot

..just want to post some of our pictures here..thanks to j-mie for emailing me this..

i'm learning a lot now bout this blog thing..kasi naman am spending lots of time here din..

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

first image uploaded

wohoo!!! at last..have my first image uploaded na...step by doing fine here...
next will i change the looks of my blog..

talk about the wedding...haven't done anything for the last few weeks now..i don't know..nawala na ba yung excitement? di naman's just that I'm just going with the flow..or maybe it's because iniisip ko na hindi pa naman nagsasabi si dolf sa church so it's still premature to plan for the wedding..but if it's gonna be on december na! I think I'm running out of time na..

a friend of ours is sponsoring the inviatation...:)

I'm going to that filipiniana theme na talaga..last sunday afternoon..we tried to look for that cord na nakita nung isang w@wie sa rustans..pero di namin nakita...:(

starting july..seryoso nato..i mean, will announce it na sa mga close friends namin..amd will have the ento list na..hope everything works out fine..

simple gown

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

here i am again i am again..been trying to make this blog more beautiful but to no avail..di ko tuloy mapakita sa iba..kainis!! but of course..di pa rin me susuko..i'll keep on trying!!

umuwi kami ni dolf sa knila last sunday..dapat uwi din kami balikan pero tinamad na kami..we went to see his father..finally na meet ko din tatay niya..he's very nice..kahit mahirap lang ang pamilya ni dolf di mababyaran ang kabutihan ng kalooban nila and the love for each other..we kinda treat his father na rin coz it's father's day..nagpaalam na si dolf na he's getting married..katuwa tatay niya wala man lang in ok lang..:)

sa family ko at sa family ni dolf ok is our church since he is a full time worker..he needs to ask permission from our senior pastor and from chief (tatay nila sa center) di ko pa lam kung kelan plano just waiting..don't wanna bug him..ayokong isipin niya na pine-pressure ko sha..

Thursday, June 16, 2005

one week nako nagba-blog..di pa rin ako natututo..haay!!gusto na mag give up dito pero when i see beautiful blogs..gusto ko pa ring gumawa but I think have to spend more time..
we went to bridal fair last so excited kasi this was our first bridal fair na pinuntahan..although parang medyo na bore si dolf..ewan ko ba dun bakit nainip..nagutom yata..hehe! dami ko nakuha numbers ng mga suppliers na pwede ko pagtanungan kahit sa province pa ang kasal ko..

dami ko na ideas for the dami tuloy I'm mixed up..gusto ko na yung filipiniana..actually may nakita nako murang pang souvenir..ganda pa.

Wednesday, June 8, 2005

My first post ever

just created this blog...still trying to get the hang of it. I named it God's gift because we (Rudolf and I) believed that we are God's gift to each other.We have been officialy engaged since April 18 and I'm pretty much excited of becoming his wife. Can't hardly wait to wake up each morning with him beside me..