Monday, May 16, 2016

House Update

Actually, “lot update”  as  there is still no house in our tiny lot but declaring by faith that someday soon our dream house will rise up there. So I was actually looking for some interior designs including flooring (which brought me to Philadelphia epoxy flooring), wall designs and paint colors. Oh how exciting it is to build your own house, choose your designs and all those things you want but the thing is we still do not have the budget.

We are still paying for the tiny lot, we are now on our 4th year. Yey! The developer said we can actually build now as we are done with the 20% payment , how I wish we could do it now but we still have to wait and save and save and save.

Honestly, there were times (often times) that I thought of giving it up, you know sell the lot and use the money to repair my parent’s old house in the province, sometimes I get tired of that monthly pay that eats up a lot of our monthly salary. BUT I remind myself, that this is investment (true, because price of lot in that area has gone up since we acquired ours) and that this is where we will spend our retirement years, that this is where we will make more memories as husband and wife. So yeah, I am sticking to the plan, pay the lot, save up for the house.

Only if money is not an issue, I’ll start building now. I will choose minimalist design, a small garden, a trellis on the veranda, a very nice kitchen, a white toilet and bath with bath tub. It is nice to imagine all the things that you want no? I just hope that imagining will keep me and my husband inspired so we can really save up and eventually see that thought in reality.


This picture was taken during the youth mission camp, honestly it was very tiring for me and my husband but I am humbled by his relentless passion in serving the Lord through music, he led the worship for 4 days straight for all morning and afternoon sessions but he did not complain a bit.

When we got back to Manila, we immediately went back to work, no time to rest for both of us, I grumbled for not being able to at least rest but he did not. And guess what? He bought me my very own mini Ipad as his wedding anniversary gift. I was surprised and I was happy. I am so thankful I have the  kindest husband ever.

Now I wish I could also give him a gift, maybe something from dean guitars or something that he needs for his recording studio. Saving up for that now. Will make sure he'll be surprise also.


Better late than never :)

We're one week late in celebrating Mother's day but as I have said, it's better late than never. 

My heart is breaking to see Nanay so different from her old self, you know after that very unfortunate accident, she might have recovered physically but I guess it triggered the onset of Alzheimer/Dementia. She is now being repetitive, asking the same questions over and over again and she's counting the days literally. Sigh. 

But still, am thankful that she is in high spirits, happy and physically strong. She washes her own clothes, cooks her food and she is still able to clean our old house. I am also grateful that she finally agreed to come with us here in Manila and spend some time here with my siblings.

She didn't know we were coming home last Saturday and she's more than happy to see us.

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

The heat is still on!

It's already May but the temperature is not subsiding, not yet. For the past years (before climate change happened) rains starts to come during month of May, but not this year. El Nino hit us hard I must say.

Last night, I was totally deprived of a good sleep because of the heat. I did not watch the news so I don't know what the heat index is but I think it is one for the record.  I never really get jealous of those who sleep in the comfort of an air conditioning unit (maybe installed by Columbus Air Conditioning in their room but last night I really wish I was one of them. I was up at one in the morning and I wanted to go down and take a bath because I am sweating in the middle of the night with 2 electric fans on!

We were also in Davao few weeks ago for the youth camp and honestly I did not tire of the works and all but I was tired because of the heat! One of our staff even got sick.

I really wish for this summer season to be over soon. Like how I also fervently wish for the election to be over, glad that it’s done now and we now have a new President elect. This election (actually the campaign period) is one of the most divisive we had, I unfollowed a lot of people in facebook because of the very offensive, negative, political posts. And mind you, some are still posting negative, bitter, hatred posts even if the election is now over. I, in return posted “think before you click” kinda posts.

Anyways, back to the heat index, I don’t know if tonight will be different, I hope it is not that bad and that I will now wish for an air conditioning unit tonight. I hope I can sleep better. Wish me well.

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Blessed 10 years

Thank you Lord for your faithfulness, for your grace, for your love. Without you in the center of this marriage it will not thrive. Thank you for writing our love story and for adding chapters on it day by day.

Mahal, thank you for taking good care of me, for loving me unconditionally, for honoring our wedding vows, thank you for everything. I will love you till my last breath :) and I am looking forward to more adventures with you.

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

10 years this month

Come 21st of April, I'll be married exactly 10 years to this amazing guy.
Wow! One decade of having him as my bestfriend, my travel buddy and my prayer partner.

I somehow feel sad that we do not have any plans on our 10th year anniversary because right now we are busy for the upcoming youth camp. BUT, I consider it a big blessing that we go to the same company and we do ministry together. The celebration can wait.

Monday, April 4, 2016

Youth Mission Camp month

Apparently it is now April.

And I only now have 3 weeks to finish everything that is needed for the 4th Youth Mission Camp which will be held in Davao City. Sometimes panic starts creeping in but I rub it off quickly, panicking will not help me, NOT AT ALL.

Anyways,  thank God it's already summer vacation, our youth leaders will now be able to help me big time.

I already filed my leave of absence in the office and it was approved! To be off from work for one week is a big relief even if it means working with more or less 150 young people.

I am so looking forward to this year's youth camp. Can't wait. :)

Tuesday, March 29, 2016


We did this few weeks ago for the firs time, with a little help from you tube video, it was perfect!
and to say that my husband enjoyed it is an understatement....
because look!!!
He ate almost half of it!!
thanks to these girls!

Graham crackers
marsh mallows

Friday, March 4, 2016

A rustic burlap theme wedding

Rustic is my current favorite. Seems like I'm loving everything about it. I'm imagining a house with rustic garden, a wooden swing, tin pots and all. 

So imagine how I gasp when I walked to this wedding held in Sta Elena Gold Club, Sta Rosa, Laguna last Feb.28. Remember the wedding I mentioned in my last post? this was it and the venue and styling is beautiful! The bride has nothing to do with it, she said it was the mother of the groom who styled and decided about almost everything :) one spoil bride!
I love the seat cover!

and the table runner!

centerpiece :)

lovely bouquet isn't it?
(image from instagram user )

 gift to us!

and here is the beautiful bride with her equally beautiful bridal bouquet!

It was a wonderful wedding ( I guess I say that to all the weddings I went too-because each wedding is uniquely wonderful!)  not to mention the food served by Sta Elena was delightful.

Friday, February 26, 2016

Never compare

image from google
"never compare your journey with someone else's, your journey is your journey, not a competition."

Wednesday, February 24, 2016


February will soon be over and I only have two posts, but of course that does not mean nothing is going on in my life :) In fact, it is because I only have little time in front of the PC to do personal stuff such as blogging. Anyways, here are some of the happenings this month.

My birthday!! 

We had a simple celebration with the family of my Pastor who happen to have the same birthday with me. We went to a campsite in Batangas and spent the one 2 days/1 night  there. It was such a refreshing time and my husband enjoyed the trees and the peaceful surroundings.

Couples Night

My husband was invited to sing a few songs in a Valentine event of another church, I was invited too :) whether they like it or not! hahaha!. It was such a lovely evening. They had a game wherein we were asked to write a note for each other. We had fun!

My love note for him :)

Tagaytay Wedding

Hetty and Toph got married last February 18-  You can view some of the pictures in my recent blog post.
The husband was asked to sing again and it was very special because he was asked to sing his very own song (original composition) we learned that it was one of the couple's favorite worship song :) 

 Another wedding coming up!

This Sunday, we will have another out of town wedding to attend to, I'll be one of the Principal Sponsor and my husband's band is singing again :) We are honored and humbled by all the invitations.

It was a busy month for me both work and personal, I just hope I can go back to regular posting soon. I miss blog hopping!

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Love is in the air :)

It was a privilege working with this couple. She was the most organized bride I ever had :D every little detail is written with clear instruction. Working with her is so easy and I enjoyed it so much plus the fact that she is our Ninong's daughter.

Hetty and Toph
February 18, 2016
Mati's Garden, Tagaytay City
Photos : ctto (grabbed from facebook friends)

What a lovely wedding! Makes me want to get married again...with the same man of course!