Friday, November 25, 2016

Maginhawa food trip : The Lost Bread

From Buffalo bro's Ribs and Wings, we went straight to The Lost Bread, famous for the eye candy presentation of their shakes and frappes.

True enough.  My initial reaction was, how will you drink it?

Carousel milkshake

  Another set of milk shakes.
s'mores and chocolate chips; sugar overload

caramel ice cream?
Their shakes are indeed pleasing to the eye but honestly, I did not like the taste, it taste different for me, so I settled and ended up enjoying my cup of coffee instead.

Would I recommend this? definitely! if you're a foodie and into shakes and frappes, go try this! Budget is 150.00 to 200.00 at least for a shake.

A drawing at the wall. Maybe they are looking for "The Lost Bread"

Monday, November 21, 2016

Maginhawa food trip : Buffalo Ribs & Wings

Happy Monday everyone! I'm starting off this week with a very delectable blog post, because last week, we finally fulfilled a plan we've been making years ago :) at last hindi na drawing di ba?

We headed to Maginhawa St of Quezon City- a food haven for food enthusiasts.

We first went to Buffalo Ribs and Wings, located at 45B Maginhawa, UP Village, Quezon City. It was of course referred to us by friends who already had a taste of their buffalo wings.

A 12 pcs plate of hot chili  and garlic parmesan wings. I think this cost 249.00 or more basta less than 300.00
They said their hot buffalo wings are so good buy since I am not fond of hot and chili food, I ordered the garlic parmesan wings. They did not disappoint. It was good I almost ordered rice :)

I also tried this milk shake.  Caramel pretzel for 150.00. If you are not counting your sugar intake, Go for it!

My girls ordered burgers for them. I tried a bite (each kind) and what can I say? I love the fries..hahaha!  Their burgers are of good price actually but not my taste. i love the real beef patties in burgers eh. These burgers are fried chicken burger, pulled  pork burger and I can't remember the other one. Those who ordered enjoyed it naman.

I will go back someday soon to try their ribs which is quite affordable too.

After this we went to another food store  : The Lost bread which I will  post later

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

D'Mall at Boracay Island

This is the famous D'Mall in Boracay.

At first, I thought it was a "mall" like the usual mall in Manila...hahaha! inosente lang ang peg, hindi pala :)

It is  a strip of stores, shops of souvenir items, clothes, foods and a lot more. You can find branded and local stuff here.

There are benches at the center aisle in case you get tired of all the walking and window shopping (like what I did)

I guess it's hard to miss this spot because it's along the way going to the white beach.

At the end of this walkway is this beautiful, pristine water and powdery sand of Boracay!

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Island Nook Boutique Hotel in Boracay

Since we always travel on a budget trip, it is but natural for me to scout for the cheapest (but nice) place to stay. I booked late (2 weeks before our trip) good thing I was  able to still get one that is very affordable and is nice.

here we are waiting for our room and obviously excited to go to the beach!

Island Nook Boutique Hotel- is  a small boutique hotel right in the center of Boracay, which was the very reason I booked it, just in front of a  convenience store,  very near the famous D-mall and few minutes away from the beach. I was kinda scared to book one that is quite far from the busy station because we are first timers maybe next time.

took this photo outside the convenience store (ministop)

I booked through Agoda because they got the cheapest price. We paid Php 2,160.00 for 2 nights meaning 1,080.00 per night including breakfast for two. Not bad di ba?

Here are  photos of the room. Just basic necessities, bed, tv and a chair but it's ok with us, after all we went there not for the room but for the sea, sun and sand!

this is the entrance room, find it weird that the lavatory is there :)

 And here is the bathroom, with hot and cold shower, working flush, and a strong water. This is a plus factor for them because I read from reviews that there are budget rooms in Boracay but comfort rooms are not that good)
and a plate of their breakfast. Choices are the usual, tapa, bangus, longganisa, coffee or juice and some sandwhiches.

Over all, we had  a very pleasant stay in Island Nook, if you are in  a budget trip and want to be in the center of the busy street of Boracay. This one's for you.

Saturday, October 29, 2016

Balloon decor for reunion

Here's another balloon decor and simple styling we did for our office "reunion of old employees" event. I love those buntings! It's cheap and it add a lot of colors to any kind of party :)

sorry for the blurred photo :(

cute paper lanterns!

Purple balloon decor

Hi! I know I have a lot of pending blog post, and I hope I'll be able to post them all before the year ends..hahaha!! Anywyas, we also did some balloon decors last Sepetember, this purple color motiff is one of them. 
We did Cake arch and two balloon pillars :)
I know we still have a lot of learning to do in terms of balloon decors but I am glad that we are getting clients from time to time now, I am looking forward to doing this business for full time someday soon!

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Super typhoon HAIMA

Prayers for the Philippines please specially to those who will be directly affected. As per our weather bureau it further intensified and is an impending threat to Northern Luzon.

Thursday, October 13, 2016

77th Birthday

Great is thy faithfulness oh Lord!

It was so heartwarming to see her cry and smile at the same time. She wasn’t expecting us to come home as we  told her  earlier that we won’t  be able to come on her birthday, but obviously she has been praying and hoping that one of us would come home to celebrate with her.

Three out of her four children came home, all of us sisters.  It was a round trip, tiring as it may seem  but it’s all worth it.

I pray she’ll have more birthday celebrations with us, I pray she’ll have good health, overflowing joy and peace in her old age.  She deserves it because she was such a very good mother.

I love you Nanay to the moon and back!

Friday, October 7, 2016

Something wonderful is about to happen!

Today is husband's last day at work. I wanted to put in record so I won't forget. Tomorrow he'll start anew. A life without a bundy clock. To say that I am jealous is understatement because I have been dreaming of that 10 years ago. I hope it will be my turn someday soon.

Hubby will be working for us full time now, he will be his own boss! how cool is that? He'll be a full time uber driver of his own car. Yesterday, we got our DTI registration (Slingshot transport services is the name!) and next week he'll be applying for the Mayor's permit. Small step to the fulfillment of our dreams.


Happy weekend everyone!

Friday, September 23, 2016

First time in Boracay!!

Since I can't blog properly for now, I am leaving you with beautiful photos of Boracay beach! No wonder it is still the favorite beach of many. We were here last weekend as a birthday treat for my husband for the first time!
Excuse our happy faces :)

Taba mo Raquel!!! :))

Will blog and post more photos soon!

See the husband’s happy face? I usually see that smile when he has new music gadget like guitar synth or any musical instrument. He said this was one of the happiest and memorable birthday he had.

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Happy Birthday Mahal!

*Copying my Facebook greetings for him*

Happiest birthday mahal! know that you are loved unconditionally by our Father and that He delights in you. You deserve this birthday gift and blessing because you have a very good heart. I love you and I will always be here for you, I will support you all the way. I am proud of what you have and will become. Keep on serving the Lord lalo na mas maayos na time mo next month!! Excited


We have been planning (dreaming/wishing) of getting our own vehicle since time immemorial..hehe, we were actually looking at second hand cars but God has other plans for us, He did not only give us a second hand but a brand new one and what's exciting is that -  it is not a liability in our part but an income generating as well. We are now part of Uber family :D Now he's ready to save for his music studio, maybe this pod xt live is next on his list.

Thank you Lord for your birthday gift to my husband!

Saturday, September 10, 2016

Missing the husband

He is currently in Singapore for 3 days with our boss. I know it's only for three days but I am not used to being alone and I guess I will never get used to it.