Friday, September 23, 2016

First time in Boracay!!

Since I can't blog properly for now, I am leaving you with beautiful photos of Boracay beach! No wonder it is still the favorite beach of many. We were here last weekend as a birthday treat for my husband for the first time!
Excuse our happy faces :)

Taba mo Raquel!!! :))

Will blog and post more photos soon!

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Happy Birthday Mahal!

*Copying my Facebook greetings for him*

Happiest birthday mahal! know that you are loved unconditionally by our Father and that He delights in you. You deserve this birthday gift and blessing because you have a very good heart. I love you and I will always be here for you, I will support you all the way. I am proud of what you have and will become. Keep on serving the Lord lalo na mas maayos na time mo next month!! Excited


We have been planning (dreaming/wishing) of getting our own vehicle since time immemorial..hehe, we were actually looking at second hand cars but God has other plans for us, He did not only give us a second hand but a brand new one and what's exciting is that -  it is not a liability in our part but an income generating as well. We are now part of Uber family :D Now he's ready to save for his music studio, maybe this pod xt live is next on his list.

Thank you Lord for your birthday gift to my husband!

Saturday, September 10, 2016

Missing the husband

He is currently in Singapore for 3 days with our boss. I know it's only for three days but I am not used to being alone and I guess I will never get used to it.

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

A masquerade party

The stage backdrop, we made the picket fence :) I wanted to paint it white but the debutant's mother want it in black.
These are the big mask we used in the stage
I also made these for the centerpiece
I added that mask on a stick to the simple centerpiece provided by the caterer
the birthday  girl  in the grand staircase!

I enjoyed putting this party together with the help of my ever supportive husband of course, he was in charge with the music and sound system (as always). Unfortunately the venue's sound system is a disappointment for him. It would have been great if we contracted a live band  (that would excite my husband!) you know how music excites him. Even this woodwind and brass instruments from will surely delight him.

Anyways, what matter is that the birthday celebrant, her family and their guests enjoyed the evening.

Tuesday, September 6, 2016


Sorry for not blogging for a month. August has become so far the busiest month for me (work and other personal activities). I've been working even on Saturdays.

I missed blogging, I am trying to figure how I can blog through my mini Ipad because I find it more convenient, I think I'm getting old really, these gadgets are sometimes the cause of my headache eh :)

Anyways, August have been good to us, I had one event,  It was a masquerade 18th birthday party. I will make a separate blog post about it later. I was happy with decors :)

September is exciting as this is my husband's birthday month. And as early as now, he has his birthday gift already :)

Thank you for still visiting this postless blog of mine. 

Stay happy!

Tuesday, July 19, 2016


It was just a quick lunch at Chicken Charlie actually after an errand, we were in a hurry because we still have training to attend that afternoon but you know how they say that dating is good for husband and wife. And for us, it's the closest we can have because of  our work.

Anyways, we had a good time and we enjoyed our food.

The lemonade was his choice while mine was the unhealthy one :) 

and that was my plate!! I love their mac and cheese

I  wasn't able to take picture of his food because as I have said we were in a hurry but he enjoyed his 2 piece chicken also :)

Happy day everyone!

Friday, July 8, 2016

My ultimate list

And I hope to try my very best specially with the "exercise more" hahahaha!!! but then again I love Number 10 the most!!!

Happy Friday everyone!

Thursday, June 23, 2016

JHOW 4th Family Reunion

JHOW -Jesus the Heart of Worship Global Ministries, Inc. That is how we abbreviate the name of our church and last June 12was our 4th Anniversary but instead of the term anniversary, we used Family Reunion. I think it is more apt and better as we treat each one as family. :) We value relationship and that is what we want to pass on to our younger generation. We were blessed with a professional photographer thus we have very nice photos!  

 There  was a cultural presentation from some of the outreaches

and there were games too!!

But these moments are most precious to me...

Tambourine dancers

and of course the music team! my husband lead us in worship that day :)
flag bearers

It was such a very happy day  and we are all excited for next year's celebration!

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Sunday. Father's day

A post from my facebook page :)


"We don't have biological children (yet) but this bunch of kids spent the rest of the day (Father's day) with us yesterday. That meant a lot for us and I guess that speaks a lot of our relationship with our youth :) They are a blessing! Wish Cams and Bonna were there also."

I still miss my Dad though...

Monday, May 16, 2016

House Update

Actually, “lot update”  as  there is still no house in our tiny lot but declaring by faith that someday soon our dream house will rise up there. So I was actually looking for some interior designs including flooring (which brought me to Philadelphia epoxy flooring), wall designs and paint colors. Oh how exciting it is to build your own house, choose your designs and all those things you want but the thing is we still do not have the budget.

We are still paying for the tiny lot, we are now on our 4th year. Yey! The developer said we can actually build now as we are done with the 20% payment , how I wish we could do it now but we still have to wait and save and save and save.

Honestly, there were times (often times) that I thought of giving it up, you know sell the lot and use the money to repair my parent’s old house in the province, sometimes I get tired of that monthly pay that eats up a lot of our monthly salary. BUT I remind myself, that this is investment (true, because price of lot in that area has gone up since we acquired ours) and that this is where we will spend our retirement years, that this is where we will make more memories as husband and wife. So yeah, I am sticking to the plan, pay the lot, save up for the house.

Only if money is not an issue, I’ll start building now. I will choose minimalist design, a small garden, a trellis on the veranda, a very nice kitchen, a white toilet and bath with bath tub. It is nice to imagine all the things that you want no? I just hope that imagining will keep me and my husband inspired so we can really save up and eventually see that thought in reality.